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October 21, 2015 10:39 ET

RadiumOne Launches Connect, the First Mobile App Management Solution to Integrate In-App Consumer Data With a Real-Time Programmatic Ad Platform

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwired - October 21, 2015) - RadiumOne, the leading audience intelligence and marketing automation company, today announced the official launch of Connect, its software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution that helps app creators and brand marketers capture in-app user engagement data to identify and target high-value consumers, in real-time, both within and outside of apps.

Install tracking, user engagement analytics, geo-location and push notification capabilities are typically provided by different companies with separate technologies. Connect is the first to fuse these functions into a single offering, dramatically reducing costs related to software usage fees and maintaining multiple software development kits (SDKs). Connect offers a single, web-based dashboard that unifies data from these functions to reveal insights culled from billions of database records within seconds. With more than 100 million active devices already using the solution in its beta testing phase, the software has proven extremely effective in simplifying app management and converting in-app engagements into mobile intelligence.

"The RadiumOne Connect solution is great for tying together user analytics, geofencing, and push notifications for the MyOmobile app in one UI, and eliminating the tangle of multiple SDKs and data sets," said Dan Michelson, Innovation & Capability Lead at O2. "The option to use all this data instantly for mobile user acquisition and re-engagement campaigns makes Connect a strong proposition for us. I consider Connect an important part of our digital armory now and moving forward."

"Connect empowers me to make meaningful marketing decisions on the fly," added Paulo Borges, CTO of Styliff. "The analytics displayed do not require any deciphering, and delivery of push notifications to segmented audiences is flawless."

Connect is directly integrated with Activate, RadiumOne's cross-device ad platform, and together the two products create a marketing operating system that enables marketers and app creators to apply their audience analytics data to real-time, programmatic advertising in a single solution for the first time. By directly linking to Activate, which combines data management platform (DMP) and demand-side platform (DSP) capabilities, Connect is the only app management solution available today that enables real-time, data-driven mobile marketing.

The combined Connect and Activate solution allows marketers to make immediate use of analytics data to reengage and expand their pool of users with highly personalized messaging across channels -- including in-app push notifications and out-of-app banner and video advertising campaigns. Personalized communication is made possible because the software automatically segments audiences based on common actions, such as grouping all users who have added a product to a shopping cart, shared content, or made a purchase. Geo-location insights are also automatically revealed so that app creators can correlate data about where their app users congregate in the real world and data about app engagement and push notification responses. Combined, this audience intelligence can be used to deliver ad campaigns across third-party mobile web sites and apps. Connect further enables marketers to combine their in-app data with third-party customer relationship management (CRM) and marketing automation platforms, making it possible to use mobile in-app data as a core ingredient in e-mail marketing campaigns.

"Consumer attention has a shelf life -- intelligence can go from valuable to useless in a matter of hours," said Bob Hall, senior vice president of business development at RadiumOne. "Whether it's related to the in-app experience or a mobile ad campaign, time is of the essence. Data must be aggregated, processed and fed into a programmatic ad platform as quickly as possible to reach users with personalized messages while they're in the right mindset. RadiumOne is the first company to combine mobile analytics with multi-channel advertising campaign management in this way, dramatically reducing the time and losses between data capture and activation, and creating high-value connections between brands and consumers."

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