November 29, 2010 11:53 ET

RadTrac Creates Breakthrough Technology to Track Radiation Dosage, Protect Patients and Healthcare Facilities

OMAHA, NE--(Marketwire - November 29, 2010) - RadTrac, an informatics and biotech solutions firm, has created breakthrough radiation dosage tracking technology that will track and prevent unnecessary radiation exposure for patients and limit liability for hospitals. 

Overexposure to radiation can lead to serious health problems including cancer. There are currently standards set by the American Medical Association for radiation limits but no way exists to track how much cumulative radiation a patient receives. 

Patient radiation levels are tracked and monitored through RadTrac's proprietary Radiation Dosage Tracking System (RDTS) software engine. Before a patient's exposure level reaches an unsafe amount, health care providers are alerted and can review diagnostic options before exposing that patient to more radiation, making facilities aware of the potential for overexposure. RDTS allows the physician and medical team to concentrate on practicing medicine and make informed decisions about radiation exposure in real-time.

"The RDTS will not only prevent overexposure and track cumulative exposure, but can also be used as a research tool in the future," said Gena Kriewald, Co-founder and Vice President of Clinical Development. "The educational benefits that come from creating a national database of radiation exposure on a variety of modalities are immeasurable. By sharing dosage level information across a network of hospitals throughout the nation, facilities can learn not only how to limit exposure but also what modalities are most effective while offering the least amount of radiation."

"We are currently tracking several facilities with various modalities in regions throughout the United States," said RadTrac Chief Executive Officer Jesse Fisher. "The RadTrac system takes a proactive approach to preventing radiation exposure by tracking the amount of radiation patients are exposed to -- both at the procedure level and cumulatively -- and alerting medical professionals before high levels of radiation exposure are reached."

RadTrac implemented the initial phase of RDTS testing in March of 2010, and completed beta testing in June. The product is now available for release.

About RadTrac: RadTrac is a joint venture of Binovia, Inc., an informatics and biomedical services firm, and Study Overflow Solutions, Inc., (SOS), a teleradiology and practice management firm. RadTrac, a radiology software solutions firm, provides systems and implementation to medical facilities including hospitals, radiology departments and clinics to prevent radiation overexposure and promote x-ray and radiation safety. 

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