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January 19, 2011 08:30 ET

RAE Systems Introduces Industry's First Personal Wireless Gas Monitors

ToxiRAE Pro Family Leverages Wireless to Elevate Worker Protection and Reduce Downtime

SAN JOSE, CA--(Marketwire - January 19, 2011) - RAE Systems Inc. (NYSE Amex: RAE) today announced its ToxiRAE Pro wireless single-gas monitors, the broadest portfolio in the industry and the first to provide wireless functionality in a personal gas monitor. The ToxiRAE Pro family includes ToxiRAE Pro PID monitors for volatile organic compounds, the ToxiRAE Pro for toxic gases and oxygen, and the ToxiRAE Pro LEL for combustible gases and vapors.

Wireless Elevates Worker Protection
ToxiRAE Pro monitors are part of RAE Systems' portfolio of proven wireless gas-detection solutions that put customers in control of their threat data -- wirelessly and dependably. Deployable on RAE Systems' Dedicated Wireless Network, ToxiRAE Pro monitors provide safety professionals anytime, anywhere access to real-time instrument readings and alarm status for better visibility into threat data and faster response to alarms. Workers and contractors who wear ToxiRAE Pro monitors can rely on the instruments' five-way alarm notification system to alert them in case the atmosphere becomes hazardous and to immediately send a wireless remote alarm to the safety team, so help can be dispatched quickly.

New Standard for Efficient, Facility-Wide Deployments
The ToxiRAE Pro family covers a full range of common hazardous industrial gases and vapors in oil and gas, chemical, pharmaceutical, water and wastewater, steel manufacturing and other industries, as well as HazMat response, fire overhaul, environmental cleanup, and other applications. Customers can standardize on ToxiRAE Pro to meet all the single-gas personal monitoring requirements at their facility. Commonality of operation, service, and spare parts shared by all members of the ToxiRAE Pro family provide significant time and cost savings on training and maintenance.

"The ToxiRAE Pro is a unified wireless single-gas monitoring platform that customers can standardize on to effectively and efficiently protect their personnel from a full range of common hazardous industrial gases and vapors," said RAE Systems' Vice President of Marketing Thomas Nègre. "And with wireless, customers get dependable control over their safety data so they can respond to hazardous conditions faster than ever before."

Key Features

  • Wireless access to real-time instrument readings and alarm status from any location
  • Unmistakable five-way alarm notification system that immediately alerts both the user and a remote observer to the hazardous condition
  • Largest display in its class
  • Intelligent sensors store calibration data, so they can be swapped in the field
  • Continuous datalogging capability with all the accessories and software for datalog downloads included at no extra charge
  • Rugged stainless-steel-covered housing with IP-65 (ToxiRAE Pro and ToxiRAE Pro LEL) and IP-54 (ToxiRAE Pro PID) water and dust ingress protection ratings validated by an independent third-party laboratory
  • User-replaceable sensor, filter, and rechargeable battery
  • Intrinsic safety certification by CSA, ATEX / IECEx, and China Ex.

The first customer shipment of ToxiRAE Pro is scheduled for Feb. 28 and will include non-wireless versions of ToxiRAE Pro PID, ToxiRAE Pro (electrochemical), and ToxiRAE Pro LEL (with ATEX/IECEx certification). ToxiRAE Pro LEL with CSA certification will be available in the second calendar quarter of the year. Wireless and wireless-capable versions of ToxiRAE Pro will ship on May 31. All ToxiRAE Pro instruments will be available from authorized RAE Systems distributors. For more information, visit

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RAE Systems Inc. (NYSE Amex: RAE) is a leading global provider of rapidly deployable, connected, intelligent gas-detection systems that enable real-time safety and security threat detection. RAE Systems products are used in more than 120 countries by many of the world's leading corporations and government agencies.

RAE Systems offers a full line of wirelessly enabled solutions, including personal, hand-held, transportable, and fixed instruments designed to meet the needs of any usage scenario. Applications include energy production, refining, industrial and environmental safety, public-venue safety and government first-responder markets.

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