March 23, 2005 11:02 ET

Railinc Enables Data Portability for Short Line and Regional Railroads with New ``Shipper Tools'' and ``RailSync Mobile Command''



MARCH 23, 2005 - 11:02 ET

Railinc Enables Data Portability for Short Line and
Regional Railroads with New ``Shipper Tools'' and
``RailSync Mobile Command''

CARY, N.C.--(CCNMatthews - Mar 23, 2005) -

New Railinc Solutions Empower Short Lines and Regionals to Make Rail
Data Portable for Shippers and Train Crews

Railinc today announced it has launched two new RailSync product
offerings designed specifically to meet the needs of short line and
regional railroads: Shipper Tools and RailSync Mobile Command. Railinc's
Shipper Tools provides rail customers a one-stop site to handle
transportation services and logistics with connecting rail carriers
through improved collaboration between shippers, fleet owners and
carriers. RailSync Mobile Command is a rugged, wireless, field-proven
device designed exclusively for train crews to easily record car
movement events with accuracy while on the road.

Shipper Tools is driven by simple icons and drop-down menus, which
provide a real-time, dashboard view of rail shipments from any internet
connection. Visibility to shipment locations and ETA information across
North America allows shippers to effectively manage supply chain
inventory costs. Bills of Lading can be initiated and managed, as well
as car orders, equipment inventory and tracking, demurrage charges and
direct submission of switching requests.

Mobile Command can be utilized by railroads of all sizes as a wireless
tool that synchronizes communication between train crews, their office
staff and rail customers. Mobile Command is pre-installed on
shock-proof, wireless hardware devices with powerful performance that
increases a railroad's productivity. Even without a persistent wireless
connection, train crews can view their switch lists, work the switch
list and move cars. The portability of the device saves short lines and
regionals money by reducing the number of hours spent by
conductors/engineers updating paper lists or entering data at the end of
the day.

"Shipper Tools dramatically boosts process efficiency and provides the
capability to manage transportation and logistics tasks in real-time
with any rail carrier," said Richard Flynn, Railinc's AVP of Marketing
and Sales. "Mobile Command is targeted for train crews and drives
efficiencies around event reporting and communication among crews, staff
and customers. Both of these solutions deliver process improvements that
give short line and regional railroads the competitive edge."

About Railinc

Railinc is the largest single source of real-time, accurate, interline
rail data in the North American Transportation Industry. Railinc is the
supplier of such well-known products as Steelroads, RailSight, RailSync
and NextPath. These systems keep railroads, shippers, equipment owners
and suppliers fully informed along every link of their supply chains.
Class I, short line, regional railroads and transportation professionals
alike use Railinc's tools and information to manage and analyze their
rail traffic. To learn more about the competitive advantage that can be
achieved through Railinc's information and transportation solutions,
visit www.Railinc.com, call 877.922.7245, or email sales@railinc.com.




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