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March 05, 2009 13:51 ET

Rainbow Light® Introduces All-Natural "ThinBerry™ Diet & Cleanse Kit" at Natural Products Expo West

First Cleansing and Diet Product-in-One; Effective in Just Seven Days

ANAHEIM, CA--(Marketwire - March 5, 2009) - NATURAL PRODUCTS EXPO WEST -- Rainbow Light® Nutritional Systems, a leader in natural nutrition for over 25 years, introduces its all-natural, three-step ThinBerry™ Diet & Cleanse Kit (ThinBerry™ Diet, Daily Fruit & Fiber™, and PM Purify™). It is the first and only kit available on the market that is effective in just seven days, combining the benefits of a cleanse product and a diet product in one to fit even the busiest lifestyle. Losing weight is a top national priority, as approximately 64 percent of American adults are overweight or obese, according to the American Diabetes Association.(1)

Rainbow Light now brings its heritage of safety and purity to the diet category. This bio-balanced™ combination formula, with its clinically effective potency of decaffeinated green coffee berry (Svetol®), and other botanical ingredients, is the first to provide potent cellular anti-aging protection along with appetite and craving control for healthy and sustained weight loss. Most importantly, ThinBerry Diet & Cleanse produces results one can begin to feel and see quickly. Research on the effectiveness of the decaffeinated coffee berry shows that the average weight loss is 1-2 pounds a week or 11 pounds in two months.(2)

The kit and its standalone products are currently available at and will be available at select Whole Foods Market® stores and independent natural retailers beginning March 23.

According to a new survey, childhood obesity is the No. 1 health concern.(3) ThinBerry is safe for anyone over the age of 13 and has no hidden ingredients or undesirable side effects. ThinBerry is formulated by Rainbow Light's director of herbal product formulation, Christopher Hobbs, an internationally renowned herbalist and author who successfully tested these formulations in his clinical practice for over 30 years.

"Over-promising weight loss products are overwhelming and frustrating for consumers and retailers. Many available products have hidden ingredients that can lead to harsh side effects," said President Linda Kahler. "Rainbow Light's ThinBerry Diet & Cleanse Kit offers an all-natural, effective and safe solution that is time-tested and botanical."

"I see many overweight patients suffering from toxicity, when the body is overwhelmed by fats and toxins and cannot function properly. This is a vicious cycle that reinforces unhealthy habits and saps the energy to exercise. Cleansing harmful toxins helps the metabolism to heal," says Dr. Mona Morstein, a naturopathic physician.

"The benefits of adding an internal cleansing component to a weight loss program are immediate. It increases energy, improves mood and can flatten the stomach," said Christopher Hobbs. "After flushing excess fat and toxins from the body, the metabolism can operate more efficiently, breaking the vicious cycle of weight gain that begins with abdominal fat accumulation and leads to insulin resistance, hormonal imbalances and ultimately, chronic disease. Studies show that fat around the mid-section is the most dangerous type, linked to metabolic syndrome, diabetes and heart disease."

In three easy steps, the ThinBerry Diet & Cleanse kit delivers visible results in just seven days:

ThinBerry Diet is the only weight loss formula with potent anti-aging benefits. It includes a health-promoting proprietary blend of decaffeinated green coffee berry, Svetol, standardized green tea and artichoke leaf. Green coffee berry curbs appetite and promotes an increased ratio of lean body mass to fat and can also improve the immune system and skin tone with its antioxidant power (measured by ORAC as 3650 per daily dose). Standardized green tea is classified as a "superfood" for its heart health and immune-boosting effects. Artichoke leaf has been used for hundreds of years to flush fat from the body and support digestive health. ThinBerry Diet delivers effective results, with no side effects such as jitters, anxiety, difficulty sleeping or stomach upset. With less caffeine than a cup of black tea, ThinBerry Diet is not habit-forming.

Daily Fruit & Fiber has far more fiber from whole food sources (such as apple, beet, organic flax, chia seed, fig, plum, pomegranate, pineapple, banana, millet and sunflower sprouts) than any other available product -- up to 7 grams of daily fiber. It promotes healthy digestion, bowel regularity, normal appetite and weight control. It is the most comprehensive digestive support product to deliver both soluble and insoluble fibers from whole food sources, as well as prebiotics and probiotics, digestive herbs and detoxifying green foods to promote optimal cleansing. Each single-serve packet mixes easily with water or juice and is safe for long-term daily use as a fiber supplement.

In a nation that has problems with constipation, PM Purify supports liver renewal, gentle detoxification and morning regularity. With purifying, protective and cleansing herbs, it counters digestive disturbances, irritability, restless sleep and fatigue. While promoting robust digestion, PM Purify improves skin health and restores vitality. It is safe to use for seven to 10 days in one course.

"ThinBerry Diet & Cleanse is also a perfect solution for situational dieters wanting to get in shape for special occasions such as weddings, class reunions, vacations and interviews. It can help motivate dieters to stick with their weight loss efforts," said Senior Director and Product Formulator Marci Clow. "The ThinBerry Diet & Cleanse kit can be taken for a week to 10 days every season to stay on top of your diet program."

ThinBerry Diet & Cleanse kit is vegetarian and has no artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners, preservatives or additives, which are found in some diet products. It contains no lactose, soy, gluten or yeast and is free of magnesium, preventing harsh side effects such as cramping, bloating, diarrhea, headaches or sleep disturbances.

The kit's suggested retail price is $29.99. Rainbow Light is looking to expand its relationships with natural health retailers nationwide. Parties interested in distribution should contact Sandy Klein at (831) 420-2660 or visit the Rainbow Light booth (#1324) at Natural Expo West, Anaheim, March 5-8, 2009.

About Rainbow Light®

Since its founding in 1981, Santa Cruz-based Rainbow Light Nutritional Systems ( has grown to become the leading formulator and manufacturer of science-based, all-natural, food-based supplements.

1. American Diabetes Association

2. In a 60-day placebo and diet controlled clinical trial, average participants lost 11 pounds on Svetol, which was more than twice what was lost by participants on the placebo.

3. Survey: Obesity Top Kids' Health Issue, Web MD.

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