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March 08, 2011 09:03 ET

RainStor Releases 4.5 Optimized for Machine-Generated Data Retention Across Communications and Other Industries

High Performance Data Loading of Tens of Billions of Records per Day and Query Across Trillion Record Archives Significantly Less Storage Cost

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - March 8, 2011) - RainStor, an infrastructure software company specializing in online data retention and retrieval, today announced the general availability of RainStor 4.5. Optimized specifically for machine-generated data, the new version of the company's specialized database improves capabilities across the three fundamentals of Data Retention at significantly less cost. These fundamentals -- compression, ingestion and query performance -- are key requirements for communications, utilities, smart grid, security and other sectors that experience large and growing data volumes generated by networks, meters, sensors and increasingly sophisticated mobile communications devices.

According to a February 2011 Cisco report titled, "Global Mobile Data Traffic Forecast, 2010-2015," data traffic nearly tripled (2.6-fold growth) in 2010 for the third year in a row. It is a testament to the momentum of the mobile industry that this growth persisted despite the continued economic downturn, and this data traffic is expected to grow to 6.3 Exabytes per month by 2015, a 26-fold increase over 2010.

Communications data, including call detail records, mobile Web browsing, text messages and essentially all mobile transactions, need to be retained for months and in some countries, years. Big Data growth, largely driven by data generated by machines, has brought new challenges to IT, forcing organizations to think differently about infrastructure and data management solutions. As tens of billions of records are generated daily, databases must be capable of high-performance ingestion combined with demanding query SLAs. Traditional relational database technologies are not designed to ingest the data volumes being generated by many communications service providers (CSPs) today, which in turn have created demand for new technologies and approaches. Additionally, retaining this data for months and years requires databases that can scale and do so cost efficiently as providers experience tight margins in a competitive and highly commoditized industry. 

AdaptiveMobile, a world leader in mobile security, has partnered with RainStor to provide message retention and quarantine solutions. According to Gareth MacLachlan, VP of products for AdaptiveMobile, "We have deployed RainStor as our core data retention platform at six global service providers where communications data must be retained for compliance reasons. They are all experiencing massive growth in data volumes, and the ability to retain data with high performance and low cost is critical. RainStor's latest release delivers the scalability, compression and query performance, which are critical to meeting our customers' stringent SLAs."

"Specifically, we've seen compression improvement of 35 percent as well as faster query performance over the previous product release on the same hardware configuration. We are confident that RainStor will continue to meet evolving customer requirements and allow us to keep pace with the growing data volumes in the communications industry," said MacLachlan.

"Data volumes generated by machines have quickly outpaced data generated by traditional applications," said Ramon Chen, VP of product management at RainStor. "RainStor 4.5 has been optimized to efficiently ingest, retain and query massive data volumes related to increased network activity, frequent mobile device usage and wide-scale deployment of smart meters and sensors. This makes it particularly compelling for organizations in communications, utilities, smart grid, security and other sectors that have placed a premium on scalable, cost-effective retention of machine-generated data."

Industry Benchmarks Demonstrate Enhanced Performance

For ISVs and solution providers, RainStor delivers a clear competitive advantage, allowing them to expand revenue channels with new product and service offerings. In addition, partner organizations can realize storage, hardware and operational savings of up to 10x less compared with a traditional database approach because RainStor's patented technology ingests and manages Big Data more efficiently.

Recent partner benchmarks conducted with real world data sets demonstrated quantifiable performance advances in RainStor over the previous release in the areas of compression, query and import, and sets the benchmark for the cost of Big Data Retention.

RainStor 4.5 delivers:

  • High performance data ingestion and extreme compression rates for large data sets (tens of billions of records per day).
  • Fast query and response across trillion record archives with responses for typical queries in 2-3 seconds and the ability to execute complex queries efficiently across large data sets while continuously ingesting data.
  • Low total cost of ownership (TCO) based on low-cost scalability and reduced software and hardware costs by leveraging commodity storage and server platforms.
  • Fast deployments and low cost administration based upon simple and fully automated data load and unique index free query system.

Hossein Eslambolchi, Ph.D, former AT&T CTO and a leading advisor to the industry stated, "Data growth across sectors has reached a point of significant pain for IT. Compounding this is the complex nature of the data sets, which are coming from multiple sources and networks, and require extended retention -- not only because it's the richness of the data that enables better business decisions -- but also because compliance regulations are more stringent. As a result, every organization is forced to take a closer look at the price/performance of their current data management solutions."

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RainStor 4.5 is available immediately. For more information on product, pricing and partner opportunities, please contact

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