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January 15, 2007 06:00 ET

RAM Forest Products' Unique "End-Cap TV" Digital Signage Network Increases Deck Sales in Home Depot Canada Stores

MediaTile Cellular Digital Signage Solution Delivers Faster Deployments and ROI

NEW YORK, NY -- (MARKET WIRE) -- January 15, 2007 -- NRF Annual Convention & Expo -- The MediaTile Company, the first provider of cellular digital signage technology and turnkey narrowcast networks, today announced that RAM Forest Products increased sales of deck accessories by more than 50% in Home Depot Canada stores last season, and will achieve faster ROI using MediaTile's Digital Signage End-Cap TV solution. MediaTile's cellular-based solution is unique as it enables product vendors to deploy digital signage networks in retail stores without any on-site network IT setup or ongoing management. RAM Forest Products worked with MediaTile Canada to create a multi-media lifestyle advertising campaign called "Create The Deck Of Your Dreams." The campaign was deployed on integrated end-caps in Home Depot stores to "connect" with consumers and promote all of the elements that comprise a home deck project. Home Depot Installation Services was also a participant in the program with additional signs deployed at the services desk. MediaTile is highlighting the Create The Deck Of Your Dreams campaign and its Cellular-Digital-Signage solutions at NRF in booth # 2723.

"Using MediaTiles we were able to deploy an in-store broadcast network that dramatically increased our product sales for the 2006 season. Our totally integrated in-store approach provided us with maximum exposure, sales lift and return on our investment so much so that we will significantly expand the program in 2007 with more stores and more integrated end-cap displays utilizing the MediaTile platform," said Keith Knowling, CEO of RAM Forest Products. "MediaTile's plug-and-play system eliminates the costs and complexities of having to install, configure and manage a network in each Home Depot location -- we simply use the 'cellular internet' that is integrated into each display."

The lifestyle campaign, Create The Deck Of Your Dreams was the first of its kind in Home Depot stores. The MediaTile Digital Signage End-Cap TVs and multi-media video advertisements gave consumers a step-by-step education on the types of decks they could build and promoted the project rather than just the components of a deck. Participating vendors included RAM Forest Products with their Stiles brand of deck accessories, Sherwin-Williams brand of Thompson's Water Seal for waterproofing decks, Peak Innovations for decorative railings, and Home Depot Installation Services. All participating vendors have reported experiencing significant increases in product and services sales. The campaign was so successful that it ran longer than planned and will be expanded in the 2007 season.

"MediaTile has the only networked digital signage solution that can be implemented by a product vendor across a retail chain without the need of any in-store IT staff involvement, network setup, configuration or management," said Dave White, President of MediaTile Company, Canada. "Our solution delivers an incredible amount of marketing power and flexibility -- yet it is unbelievably simple and cost-effective to deploy and operate. This makes MediaTile ideal for the new generation of End-Cap TV and In-Store Digital Signage broadcast networks in retail environments and other locations. We strongly believe that the retail industry needs to shift from selling 'products' to selling 'projects' and 'dreams' and MediaTile is the perfect solution for this shift in approach."

The decision to use an in-store networked digital signage solution was made by Keith Knowling, RAM Forest Products CEO, after his previous year's traditional marketing campaign of Television, Radio, Print and in-store Advertisements yielded far less than the desired return. The problem that Mr. Knowling found was that in-home advertising had become far less effective. Following last year's "traditional" campaign, 90% of RAM customers surveyed said they first heard about RAM products while shopping in the store. This lead Mr. Knowling to rethink his marketing strategy and develop an in-store advertising campaign -- "In-store is where it's at," commented Knowling.

The deployment included 26 Home Depot locations and a combination of MediaTile 19" and 32" Digital-Sign-In-A-Box systems encased in protective end-cap displays or pole-mounted in service desk areas. Setup required simply drop-shipping encased displays to each location, integrating them with advertised products from various vendors in end-cap areas, and simply adding power. Once plugged in, the all-in-one displays instantly connect to the MediaTile datacenter where all digital multi-media advertisements and informational programs are retrieved, downloaded and scheduled for continuous in-store playing. The entire system is controlled by a secure Web-based Broadcast Portal giving advertisers like RAM, Home Depot and participating vendors the ability to change content and programming at will, without visiting any store locations.

About RAM Forest Products, Inc. RAM Forest Products is a manufacturer and supplier of the ProGuard Brand pressure-treated wood to Home Depot Stores in Ontario. RAM also manufactures and supplies the Stiles Brand of deck railing systems and decorative outdoor accessories for distribution to Home Depot Stores across Canada.

About The MediaTile Company. The MediaTile Company is the world's first provider of cellular-digital-signage technology and turnkey narrowcast networking that enables retailers and brands to deploy Direct Broadcast Networks virtually anywhere and influence millions of consumers where and when they make their purchase decisions. Visit MediaTile at

About MediaTile Company, Canada. MediaTile Canada, the Canadian distributor of the MediaTile cellular-digital-signage technology, provides retailers and brands with a totally integrated multi-media solution for their in-store promotional needs. The company works with all parties -- vendors, brands, agencies and retailers -- in developing and delivering integrated campaigns that increase consumer interest in multi-product purchases through "idea," "dream" and "lifestyle" stimulation at the point of purchase.

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