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January 29, 2012 10:00 ET

Rancho Cucamonga and Victorville Orthodontist Enhances Patients' Smiles With Dental Care

RANCHO CUCAMONGA, CA--(Marketwire - Jan 29, 2012) - A dental clinic serving Rancho Cucamonga and Victorville wants to make local residents aware that straight teeth can enhance not only the brilliance of a smile but the overall health of its owner as well. Dr. Fahed Hatter of Dr. Hattar Dental and Orthodontics states that orthodontic treatments such as braces can help relieve or prevent many problems associated with malocclusion, or a misaligned bite between the upper and lower jaws. "Some people dismiss getting braces as an optional or 'vanity' procedure when it fact it may be a critical factor in their dental care," says Dr. Hattar.

Teeth may fail to line up into a proper bite either through a congenital issue affecting normal tooth and jawbone growth or as the result of a blow to the jaw or other external influence. "Misalignments between upper and lower teeth lead to less effective chewing of food, a possible cause of digestive difficulties," notes the orthodontist. "Chewing may even prove a painful experience, and over time the tooth surfaces may wear unevenly. Individual crooked teeth may push neighboring straight teeth out of their proper position, compounding the issue. The uneven teeth can encourage or worsen a jaw misalignment, causing the jaw, pain ear pain and other symptoms of TMJ, or temporomandibular joint disorder."

As important as these dental care issues are, however, the impact of crooked teeth on a person's appearance and self-esteem can also prove considerable for anyone who wishes to look and feel good. "People are uncomfortable smiling when they cannot smile with confidence," says Dr. Hattar. "Additionally, the underlying facial features can be distorted by the dental misalignment. Corrective procedures such as braces can make a world of difference in a person's smile -- and in that person's willingness to show that smile."

A candidate for braces first receives an extensive evaluation at the dental clinic. "We must examine the oral and facial structure and current level of functionality, and we take both x-rays and standard photographs to get a complete view of the teeth, mouth and jaw," explains the orthodontist. "We will also make bite impressions to see if there is a jaw misalignment at work." Once the braces are applied to the precise degree of tension required, they will slowly retrain the teeth and tooth roots to assume new, straighter positions. Dr. Hattar's patients typically wear their braces for a period of two years, although in some cases they may need to wear a nighttime retainer for a few additional months.

Dr. Hattar points out that while straightening crooked teeth can improve one's smile significantly, his Rancho Cucamonga and Victorville patients often opt for additional procedures to beautify their teeth further. He said, "We offer cosmetic dentistry procedures such as teeth whitening, veneers and dental implants. Our dental clinic stays up to date on the latest innovations and dental care techniques."

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