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November 09, 2006 15:04 ET

Rannoch Awarded Patents to Improve Aviation Safety

ALEXANDRIA, VA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- November 9, 2006 -- Rannoch Corporation has been awarded three patents covering important aspects of aircraft tracking applications for military, commercial and air traffic control solutions. These patents consist of state-of-the-art techniques for aircraft identification, tracking, and terrain alerting and warning. The patents include an advanced form of minimum safe altitude warning, based on automated tracking of an aircraft's flight path and assessment of proximity to terrain. In particular, the patented system solutions contain an automated ground-based system to warn a pilot when the aircraft approaches a minimum safe altitude. Unlike today's conventional avionic systems, the Rannoch solution does not require all aircraft to be equipped with specialized avionics equipment in order to gain safety benefits.

Over the past several years, Controlled Flight into Terrain (CFIT) has become one of the leading causes of aviation accidents. CFIT results from situations where a pilot lacks situational awareness due to various factors, and the aircraft is flown, under pilot control, into terrain. The risk of such accidents can be greatly reduced through the installation of specialized CFIT avionics, which warn the flight crew; however, such avionics are cost-prohibitive for installations on smaller aircraft, including typical general aviation aircraft.

"The optimum safety net for aviation is one that applies to all users," stated Jon Baldwin, Rannoch's Chief Systems Architect. "While aircraft-based ground proximity devices dramatically improve safety for equipped aircraft, our ground-based system provides safety benefits to all classes of users throughout the airspace."

The patents add to an impressive track record of innovation at Rannoch, which now possesses over 25 patents and patents pending that cover many aspects of aviation safety, surveillance, air traffic control, noise management and airport operations.

The three latest patents are U.S. patents 7,123,192, 7,126,534 and 7,132,982.

About Rannoch:

Rannoch Corporation is a pioneer and leading supplier of next-generation surveillance and flight tracking solutions for the air traffic control, military and airport operations markets. With proven multilateration and ADS-B (Automatic Dependent Surveillance -- Broadcast) technologies delivering high performance, high reliability surveillance solutions, the company has over 100 commercial, air traffic control, and military customers throughout the U.S., Canada, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia with hundreds of operational sensors covering over 500,000 square miles of the world's airspace. Rannoch has a substantial patent portfolio as a result of its track record in innovation with emerging technologies and partnerships with the FAA, NASA and other organizations. Rannoch is headquartered in Alexandria, Virginia with leading product research and development centers of excellence in U.S. and Pardubice, Czech Republic.

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