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November 03, 2014 14:21 ET

Rant, Inc. Launches Eleven New Vertical-Focused Content Sites, Delivering More Variety to Rapidly Expanding Audience and Offering New Native Brand Opportunities

New Sites Will Deliver the Same Highly Engaging Audience-Driven Content Across New Interest Areas and Offer Brand Marketers More Robust Advertising Solutions

IRVINE, CA--(Marketwired - Nov 3, 2014) -   Rant, Inc. (Rant), a leading sports, lifestyle and entertainment media company, today announced the launch of eleven new vertical-focused content sites -- RantCars, RantMovies, RantGamer, RantGizmo, RantDating, RantFood, RantPets, RantBeats, RantPlaces, RantFinance, and RantPolitical. The new sites are expected to more than double the audience across Rant's current network of sites that include RantSports, RantLifestyle, and RantChic, which today deliver over 20 million unique visitors (per Comscore) every month. These eleven new sites will provide Rant's expanding audience base with more of what they love, Rant's opinionated and engaging content, in more topical areas that are aligned with their other passions and interests. Additionally, the new sites expand brand advertisers' ability to target more specific audiences with more contextually relevant content. Following Rant's last round of funding, the launch of these new sites comes as another strategic milestone for Rant, furthering its mission to continually create new and engaging content experiences for both users and brand marketers.

"Since we closed our most recent funding round, we have been completely focused on delivering a better and more complete user experience both by expanding our portfolio of sites and further developing our technology platform. As a result, we have also scaled our capabilities for brands to connect more deeply with different audiences," said Brett Rosin, CEO at Rant. "The launch of all of the sites together is the culmination of our team's efforts, and is just the beginning. Going forward, our users and brand partners can expect Rant to deliver capabilities they will not find anywhere else."

Rant's new site launches consist of the following:

  • RantCars - The ultimate destination for fans of hot rides on four wheels, from news and opinions to under-the-hood specifics.
  • RantMovies - Provides the latest news, rumors and opinions for the hottest movies in theaters as well as memorable moments from your all-time favorite films.
  • RantGamer - Provides the latest news, rumors, opinions and more for video game fanatics.
  • RantGizmo - Provides the latest news, rumors, opinions and more for tech and gadget fans.
  • RantDating - The ultimate source for dating advice from real people who actually know what they're talking about when it comes to love and dating.
  • RantFood - The ultimate destination for everyone crazy about food, from recipes and cooking strategies to those who just want to know what's good to eat.
  • RantBeats - Provides the latest news, rumors and opinions on everything hot in the music world.
  • RantPets - The premier online destination for pet lovers of all kinds, from furry friends to ones that creep, crawl, swim and fly.
  • RantPlaces - Provides news and discoveries for travelers and fans of exciting, faraway places.
  • RantFinance - Provides the latest news, rumors and opinions on all things related to the financial world, money management, and investing.
  • RantPolitical - The ultimate destination for those who are passionate about politics and want to express their opinions on the latest news, rumors and elections.

"We've been working alongside Rant on their ad monetization strategy since 2011 and witnessed first-hand their steady growth resulting from innovating with their content. RantSports is a strong example of how they applied our programmatic solutions to free up time for their direct sales teams to focus on more lucrative creative sponsorship opportunities such as BrandRant for their premium marketers with impressive results," said Jason Fairchild, co-founder and CRO at OpenX.

To learn more, visit Rant's new sites:
RantCars | RantMovies | RantGamer | RantGizmo | RantDating | RantFood | RantPets | RantBeats | RantPlaces | RantFinance | RantPolitical

This story first appeared in VentureBeat.

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