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100% Cork

February 28, 2011 09:00 ET

Rap Video About the Environmental Benefits of Cork Overlooked by Entertainment Awards -- and With Good Reason

LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwire - February 28, 2011) - In a troubling setback for the "art world," 100% Cork announced today that a snappy new rap video by faux sommelier Garth Lockwood did not garner a single major (or minor) entertainment award this year.

Titled Sniff the Cork, the video may have been overlooked by the Academy Awards, Golden Globe® Awards and GRAMMY Awards® because it was never featured in a movie, TV program or on the airwaves. 

"I had such a great speech prepared," lamented a despondent Lockwood. "How was I supposed to know the video had to be seen or heard to have been considered for an Oscar, GRAMMY or Golden Globe?" 

However, in keeping with their commitment to improving their sustainability initiatives, the 53rd GRAMMY Awards® hosted two events this month that served wine sealed exclusively with natural cork and recycled all of the closures.

And though the rhythmically challenged Lockwood will never be mistaken for a real rapper or a real sommelier, his messages about natural cork wine stoppers are entirely real.

Natural cork is one of the world's most sustainable products. Biodegradable and recyclable, cork provides an economic incentive to preserve vast cork oak forests that trap greenhouse gases, prevent desertification and provide habitat for hundreds of plant and animal species. 

Aluminum screw-caps and plastic stoppers, not so much.

There is no shortage of cork, and cork oaks are not cut down to make cork. A portion of their bark is removed every nine years during a tree's 250-year lifespan.

You can learn more about the remarkable story of natural cork at the 100% Cork website, or join the conversation on the campaign's Facebook page.

About 100% Cork

100% Cork is a campaign to educate U.S. wine consumers about the benefits of choosing wine with real cork because of cork's environmental, technical and societal advantages. The campaign seeks to recruit and organize wine consumers to request that winemakers and retailers choose natural cork over artificial stoppers. The campaign is funded by the Portuguese Cork Association and the Cork Quality Council.