June 23, 2005 09:33 ET

RapidFET'TM' Now Supports the Industry's Newest Serial RapidlO'R' Devices

ORLANDO, FLORIDA--(CCNMatthews - June 23, 2005) - (Freescale Technology Forum - FTF) - Fabric Embedded Tools (FET) Corporation, the leading provider of RapidIO software and tools, and Best of Show runner up at FTF 2005, announced today that RapidFET™ fully supports the industry's latest serial RapidIO® devices.

- RapidFET is a RapidIO network management and diagnostic tool that
simplifies board bring up, software design, system configuration,
debug and support.
- RapidFET now supports Tundra Semiconductor's Tsi568™and
Tsi564™Serial RapidIO switches and MPC8548 Serial RapidIO
processors from Freescale.
- RapidFET Demo - an evaluation version - and a RapidFET Video
Tutorial available on-line from Fabric Embedded Tools
- RapidFET Draw™, a network diagram draw utility, is available for

RapidFET is a RapidIO network management and diagnostic tool that simplifies board bring up, software design, system configuration, debug and product support. Its interactive network map helps designers evaluate RapidIO systems and devices quickly without the need to be a RapidIO protocol expert. RapidFET reduces the ramp-up time associated with new technology and devices, and simplifies the evaluation of system performance and device interoperability.

Through a powerful Graphical User Interface (GUI), RapidFET conveniently delivers a rich set of system and error management capabilities that are inherent in RapidIO. RapidFET developers can have an "at-a-glance" network status view, including individual link and device detailed status. Easily discover, enumerate, monitor performance, and configure routing tables with the ease of pushing a button. RapidFET helps abstract designers from the low level RapidIO protocol, and allows them to focus on system level issues.

RapidFET simplifies RapidIO board bring up through a host of configuration and diagnostic features. Software developers can leverage the license-free RapidIO driver source code supplied with the tool when they begin software prototyping. Visual fault indicators and comprehensive diagnostic report generation capabilities, simplify system debug, documentation and product support. Newly released RapidFET Draw(is a convenient, and unique way to document network diagrams.

RapidFET operates with all RapidIO register compliant devices. It provides extended capability for devices supported in its Custom and Certified libraries. RapidFET has library support for Freescale MPC8540 / MPC8560, the Tundra Tsi500™, Multiport RapidIO switch, and a number of custom Altera and Xilinx FPGA implementations. Now RapidFET also supports Tundra's serial RapidIO switches (Tsi568A, Tsi564A) and Freescale's latest serial RapidIO enabled microprocessor (MPC8548).

"We have been using RapidFET successfully since the tool's introduction last year, said Rick O'Connor, Chief Technology Officer and Vice President of Product Management at Tundra Semiconductor. "It is an effective tool in demonstrating how our RapidIO switches work within real systems and our customers can evaluate our switches' performance and capabilities right out of the box."

"Tools like RapidFET are essential for helping developers get a head start on RapidIO drivers, facilitate board bring up and shorten system debug time" said Iain Scott, Executive Director of the RapidIO Trade Association. "RapidFET tools and software are key elements of the RapidIO ecosystem."

Price and Availability

RapidFET is available for $7,499 USD and comes with RapidIO Driver source code. RapidFET can be conveniently evaluated by downloading a demonstration version (RapidFET Demo) or by viewing an on-line RapidFET video tutorial. RapidFET Draw™ is now also available for download. RapidFET Draw is a network-drawing tool that makes defining your RapidIO systems easy. The resulting network diagrams can be used directly in presentations or documentation. Go to www.FETcorp.com for more details.

About Fabric Embedded Tools Corporation

Fabric Embedded Tools Corporation (FET) provides a new kind of diagnostic tool for the embedded developer. Our RapidIO tools utilize a highly interactive graphical user interface that let you visually interact with a network map. System faults can be displayed while providing all of the low level control needed to manipulate register bits. Our goal is to help software and hardware developers spend less of their time looking for problems so they can focus on solving them. Fabric Embedded Tools Corporation is a privately owned company located in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

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