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February 23, 2011 14:56 ET

Rapidly Growing Texas School District Controls Expanding Internet Usage With Innovative Solution From Cymphonix

Staff Notes Huge Improvement in Connection Speeds; Additional Installations Across District Planned

SALT LAKE CITY, UT--(Marketwire - February 23, 2011) - Katy ISD and Cymphonix announced today plans to install additional Network Composer secure web gateway appliances on the Katy ISD network. Having realized significant improvement in Internet performance resulting from installing and implementing four Network Composers and one Network Conductor, Katy plans on installing two additional Network Composers on their growing network.

Faced with a significantly booming student population and even greater Internet usage, Katy ISD struggled for several years to keep their 400 MG connection from being completely overloaded. Meanwhile, looming on the horizon was an exploding student population: projections have the approximately 60,000 students growing to more than 70,000 students in five years. Faced with this growth and associated performance issues, as well as student safety and application control concerns, Katy ISD had evaluated several secure web gateway products hoping to find a solution that would work on their network. Unfortunately, none of the options they looked at performed well.

After many frustrating evaluation periods, Business Security Solutions, based in Houston, introduced Katy ISD to Cymphonix. Working together, the three companies dove into the details of their network. Gaining a clear vision and understanding of Katy ISD's network helped Cymphonix develop an implementation that worked with their network, and even helped discover some network architecture that needed improvement. Additionally, Cymphonix helped them build policies that worked in Katy ISD's unique network situation.

"One of the keys to success on this project," stated Brent Nixon, president and CEO of Cymphonix, "was to understand that Katy ISD is a large, complex organization running a large, complex network. Coming in with an out of the box solution just wasn't going to cut it. Their network needed and deserved attention and a fine toothed comb that allowed us to make our solutions work with their system. Prior vendors seemed more intent on mandating tweaks to Katy ISD's network so it would work with the vendor's product. Clearly, that approach wasn't feasible. We're excited we've been able to help Katy ISD achieve the outcomes they were looking for, and that they're happy enough with the results to expand their relationship with us."

"We're excited to expand our relationship with Cymphonix," stated Brian Sailors, Systems Engineering Manager at Katy ISD. "It's a crucial time for us as our network is expanding and demands are rising exponentially. The results we've had so far have been very encouraging, and the whole Cymphonix team has really been focused on making this project successful."

About Katy ISD
Katy ISD is a TEA Recognized district serving more than 60,000 students. Covering 181 square miles west of downtown Houston, Katy ISD is comprised of 53 campuses, and with more than 7,600 employees is one of the largest employers in the West Houston area. 

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