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January 07, 2011 16:27 ET

Raptor Technology Group Provides Company Overview and Business Direction

GROVELAND, FL--(Marketwire - January 7, 2011) - Raptor Technology Group, Inc. (OTCBB: RAPT) is pleased to provide a company overview and new business direction.

About the Company
Raptor Technology Group, Inc. is a technology supplier that provides eco-friendly and green solutions to global issues. The company is committed to developing reliable fuel and energy alternatives by making them both dependable and economically appealing to the manufacturer as well as the consumer. Additional patent pending technology has been developed to recover rare earth minerals from endless miles of mine tailings. This technology provides an eco friendly means of recycling these mine tailings both economically and profitably.

Raptor Technology Group, Inc. began as Raptor Fabrication & Equipment in 2008 aiming to capitalize on the booming biodiesel market. In an extremely short time, Raptor has become one of the leading manufacturers of modular, multi-feedstock biodiesel production facilities, specializing in modular system packages. Raptor Technology Group is now pioneering new standards for biofuel production, mineral extraction technology and remote monitoring of biofuel production facilities. The company provides a scalable commercialization platform for advanced patents in the fields of biofuel and bio-energy production, as well as, highly efficient precious metal extraction from mined ores and mine tailings.

"The oil crisis has produced an opportunity for the smaller businessman to enter the energy business and stake a claim in the future of America," said Tom Gleason President and CEO of Raptor. "It is Raptor's firm belief that in order to help our planet overcome environmental threats, such as global warming, we must develop reliable fuel and energy alternatives," added Gleason.

Raptor Technology Group focuses on three core independent activities; biofuel technology, waste to power systems and mineral recovery processes.

Biofuel Technology
Raptor has developed a technology that can produce ASTM quality biofuels without the use of expensive catalysts and feedstock. This proprietary technology can use waste-grade feedstock to produce ASTM quality biofuels without any hazardous waste byproducts. By incorporating these savings into the entire biofuel process, Raptor can produce a quality fuel, while maintaining a significant profit margin without government subsidies. Additionally, Raptor has been instrumental in the algae to jet fuel project for SAIC, DARPA and the DOD, and the algae to biodiesel and ethanol for the DOE.

Waste to Power Systems
Raptor has developed a supercritical processing technology that is especially adaptable to the energy sector. This technology is useful for conversion of low-grade carbon bearing sources, such as organic sludge, extremely low-grade waste animal or vegetable fats and oils, and raw plant oils into energy. This process is accomplished via direct combustion techniques of various lower grade feedstocks to an intermediate biodiesel or biofuel product. The company will use low cost feedstock to produce high yield bio-energy. On-going programs are underway that are directly related to the renewable fuels sector.

Mineral Recovery Technology
Raptor Technology Group has jointly developed and will commercialize a patented recovery method that captures in excess of 60-70% of metals in hard rock ore deposits in periods of time unachievable by current competitors. Raptor targets gold, platinum, palladium, rhodium, rare earth oxides (REO's), and similar high-value metals, from relatively small or mid-sized ore deposits. With current metal prices, this type of processing is very profitable and provides an environmental solution for current tailing ponds around the world. By specializing in the recovery of valuable minerals from previously mined sources, and having the sourced material provided to the Company at no cost, Raptor Technology Group will maintain relatively low operations costs. The company has long-term contracts in place with a mining operation in the western United States, and has received several shipments of tailings to its Florida facilities for processing. 

"Raptor's Mineral Recovery System responds to China's reductions of rare earth minerals. This is a positive step forward in the reduction of US external dependence of rare earth minerals," commented Gleason.

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