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May 03, 2011 16:00 ET

Raritan Animal Hospital Website: animERge Emergency Pet Hospital Starts New Website

RARITAN, NJ--(Marketwire - May 3, 2011) - Raritan area animal hospital animERge Emergency Pet Hospital has introduced a new Internet site, located online at The animERge 24 hour pet clinic has been serving pets and pet owners in the Raritan area for 20 years. The animal hospital provides emergency vet care, both basic and advanced, for pets of all types, including cats, dogs and "pocket pets" such as rabbits. The website has been revamped to meet the needs of the pet owners who are the visitors to the animal hospital.

The animERge emergency vet hospital is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including holidays. This Raritananimal hospital has a staff of veterinarians including Dean Newton, a DVM and the hospital's medical director, and a staff of 6 additional veterinarians who work varying shifts to ensure that the 24 hour pet clinic remains staffed by a qualified veterinarian 24 hours a day.

The emergency vet clinic can serve as the primary veterinarian for its visitors or can be used on an occasional basis, for emergencies only. Local veterinarians who do not have round the clock office hours often refer their patients who are experiencing emergencies to the hospital for after-hours emergency care. Both routine pet care and trauma care are regularly handled by the staff at the animERge emergency pet hospital.

The new animERge emergency vet hospital website was designed as a Web resource for visitors who want to learn more about the hospital facility, the staff, or the types of problems treated at the hospital. The "Common Pet Emergencies" page on the site discusses some of the reasons that pet owners may need to visit the animERge Emergency Pet Hospital. The "Emergency Info" page is a quick way to answer the most frequently asked questions, prior to visiting the hospital. These questions include the cost of the visit, the length of the visit, how long pet owners will need to wait prior to having a pet seen, the discharge procedure, and the procedures for informing the pet's regular veterinarian (if any) about the visit.

The blog is a new feature on the animERge emergency vet website, and recently launched its first post, introducing visitors to some of the topics that will be covered in upcoming blogs. The blog plans to take questions from readers and answer these questions in frequent blog updates. Pet owners who visit the animal clinic may have questions unique to the nature of the hospital, and whether the question relates to post surgical care or basic pet care, the blog plans to tackle the topic. A pet owner may visit the animERge hospital or website in search of information that is needed urgently fast, since so many visitors are experiencing an emergency. The new website seeks to address all the emergency, and non-emergency, information concerns of its visitors.

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