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December 20, 2011 10:00 ET

Raritan Veterinarians Announce Ophthalmology Services

RARITAN, NJ--(Marketwire - Dec 20, 2011) - Animerge, a Raritan emergency pet hospital, announced it offers ophthalmology appointments for specialty care. Just like humans, many pets suffer from eye diseases, including glaucoma, cataracts, vision loss, eyelid abnormalities, ocular trauma, corneal disease and retinal disease. Veterinary ophthalmologists Dr. Michael Brown and Dr. Bradford J. Holmberg provide ophthalmic examinations, diagnosis, medical care and surgical treatment of eye diseases. Patients are typically referred from their general care veterinarian to Animerge for specialty treatment.

Animerge announced that the Raritan emergency vet hospital provides ophthalmology services for companion animals. The emergency pet hospital has two veterinary ophthalmologists on staff, Dr. Michael Brown and Dr. Bradford J. Holmberg, to provide specialized testing, diagnosis and treatment of eye conditions in pets.

"Just like in humans, pets can develop a range of eye conditions that can seriously affect vision," said Dr. Brown. "Our goal as ophthalmologists is to accurately diagnose the condition and develop a treatment plan that can either correct the underlying problem, or reduce the risk of further vision loss."

Dr. Brown and Dr. Holmberg offer treatment for a number of conditions, including cataracts, glaucoma, vision loss, eyelid abnormalities, ocular & eyelid cancer, dry eye, congenital eye abnormalities, ocular trauma, corneal disease and retinal disease.

Patients are typically referred to the emergency pet hospital by their general practice veterinarian. In preparation for the first appointment, pet owners are requested to bring copies of their pet's health records, including any recent diagnostic testing and a list of current oral and topical medications.

During the first appointment, Dr. Brown and Dr. Holmberg will conduct diagnostic tests, such as a vision test, slit lamp examination (also known as a biomicroscopy), and an indirect ophthalmoscopy. These tests help determine the extent of visual impairment and assist the veterinary ophthalmologists in precisely diagnosing a pet's ocular condition.

Other diagnostic testing that may be performed include aqueocentesis, cytology, electroretinography, genetic testing for inherited eye disease, gonioscopy, harvesting of corneal and conjunctival cells, nasolacrimal flushing, and ocular ultrasound.

The emergency vet hospital offers surgical care, including lens surgery, glaucoma surgery, eyelid surgery and corneal surgery.

"We're proud to use the latest veterinary technology for diagnosis and surgery," said Dr. Holmberg. "Animerge was the first veterinary hospital in the world to offer cataract removal using the Whitestar elite phacoemulsification unit, and we continue to set the standard for advanced veterinary care that's compassionate and professional."

Both of the animal clinic's veterinary ophthalmologists completed extensive training in order to be certified by the American College of Veterinary Ophthalmologists. In addition to four years of veterinary school, Dr. Brown and Dr. Holmberg both completed a one year internship, a three year accredited residency ophthalmology program, and passed a written and practical examination.

Dr. Brown's interests include diseases of the cornea and retina, corneal surgery, intraocular surgery. Dr. Holmberg's interests include interests include ophthalmic surgery as well as exotic animal ophthalmology.

Pet owners who wish to schedule an appointment with Dr. Brown or Dr. Holmberg may do so by visiting the pet emergency vet clinic's website at:

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