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RayBiotech, Inc.

July 11, 2012 10:00 ET

RayBiotech, Inc. Launches Comprehensive Peptoid-Based Drug Discovery Services

NORCROSS, GA--(Marketwire - Jul 11, 2012) - RayBiotech, Inc. today announced the formal launch of a peptoid drug candidate & diagnostic ligand discovery service program. Peptoids, a chemically stable class of peptide mimetics, have been recently exploited as ligands to virtually any protein target including antibodies, cellular signaling molecules, or receptors. Aimed at the identification of novel ligands for client-driven drug targets, RayBiotech's new service platform will involve multi-stage screening of targets against a complex combinatorial peptoid library, followed by peptoid sequence refinement and optimization. To enhance the customization of their service, RayBiotech will also offer synthesis of novel peptoid libraries based on the drug target's characteristics, as well as secondary functional assay validation for ligand candidates. This service is intended for select academic labs, pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical and biotechnology companies and can be applied to virtually any drug target or sample containing desired targets. RayBiotech expects this program to yield high-affinity peptidomimetic diagnostic or drug candidates. The details of the technology, proprietary peptoid libraries and screening methodologies were not disclosed. 

RayBiotech's President, COO and Co-founder Rani Huang commented, "The chemical diversity and proteolytic resistance exhibited by peptoids make them ideal drug candidates. Peptoids provide the complexity of a peptide with the stability of a small molecule, and several have already been identified as high-affinity ligands for such optimal drug targets as G protein-coupled receptors. RayBiotech's peptoid discovery services will allow the efficient identification of high-value agonists and antagonists for our clients."

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RayBiotech ( pioneered the development of antibody and protein array technologies and provides reliable high-throughput platforms for identifying disease mechanisms, screening and validation of novel biomarkers and identification of new drug targets. In 2001, RayBiotech introduced the first commercially available cytokine antibody array. Since then, RayBiotech array products have been featured in hundreds of publications, including some in top-tier journals: Nature, Nature Medicine, Cell, Lancet, PNAS (USA), and many others. Offering more antibody array choices than any of its competitors, RayBiotech has established a leading reputation for the high quality and innovative developments provided to the research community. RayBiotech continues to lead in the development of protein array technologies and is focused on further meeting the needs of clients in translating new knowledge of human biology to improved health. A spin-off from Emory University's School of Medicine, RayBiotech is privately owned, with headquarters in metropolitan Atlanta (Norcross, GA).

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