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RayBiotech, Inc.

October 14, 2013 17:03 ET

RayBiotech, Inc. Researchers Identify Biomarkers for Early Detection of Ovarian Cancer Using RayBio® Antibody Array Technology

NORCROSS, GA--(Marketwired - Oct 14, 2013) - RayBiotech, Inc. announced today that, in collaboration with scientists from several universities and institutes, the company's researchers have identified five biomarkers present in patient serum which allow for the early detection of ovarian cancer. Specifically, the company employed its portfolio of commercially available RayBio® antibody arrays to screen for biomarkers of ovarian cancer present in patient serum. The RayBio® antibody arrays allowed for the identification of five protein markers which could effectively detect early-stage ovarian cancer with specificity and sensitivity rates significantly superior to other ovarian cancer diagnostics platforms. This unique bio-signature, which accurately identifies cancerous cells present in patient samples, may be utilized in the future as a next-generation rapid and routine diagnostic technology for the identification of ovarian cancer in patients worldwide. 

RayBiotech's Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer and the lead author on the study, Dr. Ray Huang, stated, "Ovarian cancer is the third most frequent form of cancer and is one of the leading causes of death among women in the United States and Europe. This discovery of novel biomarkers for the detection of early-stage ovarian cancer will provide a new tool in the fight against this devastating disease. The identification of these markers, using our proprietary planar-based antibody array technology, further validates its use and application in comprehensive biomarker discovery."

The described research and corresponding panel of biomarkers for ovarian cancer was published in the October, 2013 issue of the scientific journal PLOS ONE and can be accessed by following this link.

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