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July 07, 2005 12:59 ET

R&D Firm Files Patent in 30 Countries to Mitigate Global Climate Change

ATHENS, GA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- July 7, 2005 -- Eprida, Inc. a company dedicated to exploring innovative solutions to global challenges, announced today they have filed international patents in the 30 largest industrial and agricultural countries for a breakthrough technology that offers a sustainable solution to address climate change.

ECOSS carbon sequestration technology uses a combination of biomass -- agricultural and forest waste, as well as crops grown for energy -- and fossil fuel to remove CO2 from the air. This process removes net CO2 from the air and restores carbon to the topsoil. Conventional agriculture has widely depleted carbon from the soil causing a loss of long-term fertility. The Eprida process restores soil vitality and establishes an integrated system for sustainable fuel and fertilizer production from biomass. The process can be combined with coal to remove CO2, as well as nitrogen and sulfur (NOx and SOx) emissions, from existing coal burning power plants. It can also be used with oil and natural gas fired plants, cement plants or steel mills to remove net CO2 from their emissions.

The process produces high-carbon ECOSS fertilizer and carbon-negative hydrogen from biomass. Hydrogen can be used to make transitional fuels such as ethanol or GTL bio-diesel, and will ultimately be used in fuel cells as the basis of the "hydrogen economy."

About Eprida

Eprida was founded in 2002 to research, develop and commercialize ECOSS, a breakthrough technology that combines renewable energy and carbon utilization for sustainable agriculture. The company plans to license the technology to major industrial corporations in the energy and agricultural sectors.

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