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August 16, 2011 07:00 ET

RE2, Inc. Wins Multiple Contracts to Develop Robotic Technologies for AEODRS

RE2 Selected for DoD Program of Record -- Puts Pittsburgh-Based Company on the National Robotics Map

PITTSBURGH, PA--(Marketwire - Aug 16, 2011) - RE2, Inc. announced today that it has been competitively selected to develop multiple technology components for the First Increment of the Advanced Explosive Ordnance Disposal Robotic System (AEODRS) for Joint Service Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) teams managed by the Naval Surface Warfare Center EOD Technology Division (NAVEODTECHDIV). RE2 will be developing the Manipulator Arm, End-Effector, End-Effector Interface, and the Master Capability Module for the dismounted class of AEODRS robots.

Currently, robotic systems for explosive ordnance disposal are developed and manufactured by several different companies. According to NAVEODTECHDIV, these robots utilize different architectures, disparate user interfaces, and lack a common controller, making training difficult and fielding upgrades expensive. The goal of the AEODRS program is to develop a family of interoperable and interchangeable robotic systems that employs Open Architecture, enables robust multi-manufacturer innovation, allows for upward and downward compatibility, supports emerging technologies, and ultimately reduces the cost of EOD robots.

"By encouraging open architecture and seeking next-generation innovation, AEODRS allows small businesses such as RE2 to participate in programs of record and ensure that emerging technologies make it to the field," stated Jorgen Pedersen, president and CEO of RE2. "We are honored to have been selected and entrusted to develop multiple components of the dismounted class system and are dedicated to ensure that the AEODRS program succeeds."

RE2 has been selected to develop the following robotic components:

Manipulator Arm

RE2 will leverage its proven, modular, power-dense, highly-controllable manipulator arm designs to develop a light-weight, affordable, robotic arm with a high strength-to-weight ratio for the AEODRS dismounted platform.


RE2 will develop an affordable, light-weight, two-fingered gripper end-effector that will be easily mounted on the end of the Manipulator Arm. The end-effector strongly leverages RE2's existing electro-mechanical design experience in developing robust, cutting-edge tools for manipulator arms.

End-Effector Interface

RE2 will develop a family of end-effector interfaces to allow for tool-less, manual and automatic coupling and communication between the End-Effector and Manipulator Arm. The creation of a robust, standardized interface between these modules is critical in the realization of a modular family of robotic components.

Master Capability Module

RE2 will develop the master communications capability module for the AEODRS dismounted platform. The Master Capability Module strongly leverages RE2's history of JAUS development, software engineering, and system integration.

"Interoperability is the end result of a system based on open architecture and open interface standards," stated Keith Gunnett, vice president of engineering for RE2. "Robotic systems that can easily communicate will accelerate integration, allow for rapid insertion of enhancements and upgrades, and ultimately lower system costs -- ensuring a more reliable and robust solution for EOD operators."

These AEODRS contracts equate to the creation of additional high-tech and manufacturing jobs for the Pittsburgh region. RE2 has more than doubled its staff over the past eighteen months and anticipates continued growth to support the AEODRS program. RE2's participation in the AEODRS program further strengthens Western Pennsylvania as one of the world's premier regions for the development of robotics technology.

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