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August 29, 2007 18:46 ET

Read Mehow's "Get The Girl!™"

Celebrated Pick-Up Artist's Seduction Secrets Exclusive

LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwire - August 29, 2007) - In "Get The Girl!" a Pick-Up artist's guide to reclaiming your love life (Nightlife Edition), Pick-Up Maestro Mehow, the most celebrated and successful Pick-Up artist at it today, reveals his seduction secrets with stunning efficiency, economy and a level of honesty that makes it as easy to put into practice as it is to grasp.

Mehow used to be a lonely male avidly in pursuit of the mysterious female. Today he is an infamous Pick-Up Artist with seduction secrets pouring out of his sleeves and women falling in his wake. Lucky for us, this courageous Casanova has written an expose to help the rest of mankind catch up in the dating game. Never fear, ordinary males! "Get the Girl!," the stunning and uncensored revelations of a Pick-Up artist is now available for purchase!

Mehow's "Get The Girl!" contains the revolutionary techniques, tactics, and tricks to get the woman of your dreams... regardless of your age, income, or even looks. This manual is power packed with the most effective, "real world" philosophies and methods to attract women. You don't want to miss your chance to benefit from the confessions of this incredibly successful Pick-Up Artist.

Fresh off an ultra-informative and inspired spot on MTV that left even the cockiest Casanovas quelled, as well as an exclusive website makeover maximizing all of Mehow's masterful machinations, this everyman's Don Juan seems to be hitting his hedonistic stride, while taking his Pick-Up practices to utopian heights.

Mehow is revolutionizing our perceptions of the dating scene -- one match at a time -- by perfecting the art of Pick-Up. Essentially bridging the chasm of communication between awkward men and the objects of their affection, Mehow offers some practical and crucial philosophies -- as well as some brass tacks -- enabling even the foolish and fumbling to flourish, championing a serious social scene. Get primed at

Along with his killer websites ( (, Mehow offers his expertise on video with Young Hollywood (, a fiercely fertile delve into the depths of some of Hollywood's hottest women.

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