Readen Holding Corp.

March 13, 2012 11:16 ET

Readen Holding Corp. (PINKSHEETS:RHCO) Announced Today Appointing Seven New Distributors for Vitalon-Holland Infant Dairy Products Distribution in China

HILVERSUM, THE NETHERLANDS--(Marketwire - March 13, 2012) - READEN HOLDING CORP. (PINKSHEETS:RHCO), a 33% shareholder of Vitalon-Holland Ltd., announced today that Vitalon-Holland Ltd. has appointed seven new distributors for their Vitalon brand infant milk powder. Two different joint ventures have been set up: Vitalon-Holland Ltd. in Hong Kong and a second company in mainland China in the City of Xiamen.

The Vitalon-Holland dairy product line will be launched in the Chinese market in April 2012.

Vitalon-Holland's forecasted sales estimate for the first 12 months from the launch date of the China distribution is 1,000,000 cans of 900 gram infant milk powder divided with a suggested retail price of 288 Rmb. (approx. U.S. $45). The estimated wholesale price will be around 165 Rmb. (approx. U.S. $26).

For the launch of the Vitalon products in China, seven agents have been appointed in the provinces of Sichuan, Zhejiang, Fujian, Guangdong, Beijing, Heilongjiang and Jiangsu.

Vitalon-Holland Ltd. has worked more than 18 months on this project to obtain the import license, registration of the brand name for the Chinese market and arrangements with the Dutch manufacturers of the product.

Vitalon-Holland Ltd. is presently in discussions with several parties for the export of the Vitalon product line to different countries.

We have companies who are interested in obtaining distribution rights for Turkey, Morocco, Iraq, Cameroon, Congo, Armenia, Taiwan, Vietnam.

After the launch of the product line in China, we will sign agency agreements with distributors in the above mentioned countries.

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