SOURCE: Peter Harris, Real Estate Investor

September 16, 2015 18:01 ET

Real Estate Investment Expert Peter Harris Announces Release of New Book

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwired - Sep 16, 2015) - Summary: Peter Harris, a real estate expert with a long history of overwhelmingly successful commercial property investments, is announcing the release of "Commercial Real Estate for Beginners: The Basics of Commercial Real Estate Investing," a new book detailing the methods and principles he has used in achieving consistently exceptional investment outcomes. The release of this book represents the first time that these principles are available to anyone outside of those personally mentored by Harris.

Peter Harris, an expert real estate investor who has mentored hundreds of aspiring commercial real estate investors over the last decade, is announcing the release of a new book, "Commercial Real Estate for Beginners: The Basics of Commercial Real Estate Investing." The book is available immediately and includes a convenient Kindle Edition that can be accessed via Amazon at the following link:

According to Peter Harris, real estate represents an outstanding and eminently accessible investment opportunity, provided, of course, those investors are armed with the proper information. In his book, Harris seeks to educate beginners by including the most pertinent information covering every aspect of real estate investment as it specifically relates to commercial properties. As the co-author of "Commercial Real Estate Investing for Dummies," Harris understands the importance of offering detailed explanations that operate from the principle that success is more likely when investors have access to information that is both clear and thorough.

At the core of his work are four guiding principles that have proved to be exceptionally beneficial for both Harris and his mentees. With experience in commercial real estate investing that dates back over 11 years, Harris has developed these principles by fine-tuning his approach to ensure his own continued success along with the success of those he mentors. Each investment has yielded an important lesson that has contributed to the development of Harris' four guiding principles, each of which is explained in great detail in "Commercial Real Estate for Beginners: The Basics of Commercial Real Estate Investing."

Known for a sense of humility that belies his incredible investment success, Harris is one of the leading experts in his field and is often called upon to lend his advice in all manner of real estate investment opportunities. These frequent requests served as something of an impetus for Harris to write and release a book detailing his personal philosophies with regard to successful commercial real estate investing, as a book release is the most efficient method for reaching a wide audience with such an important and practical message.

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Peter Harris is a commercial real estate investor, mentor and author. For over a decade, Mr. Harris has mentored countless aspiring real estate investors, sharing with his mentees the core principles that have aided his personal investment success. Mr. Harris is the co-author of "Commercial Real Estate Investing for Dummies," and he has now authored and released yet another book, titled, "Commercial Real Estate for Beginners: The Basics of Commercial Real Estate Investing."

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