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March 22, 2011 18:13 ET

Real Food. Real Life Founder Provides Tips on Tackling Major Health Issues and Introduces Real Food. Real Life TV

LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwire - March 22, 2011) - Real Food. Real Life, a company that is dedicated to helping others lead healthier lives, physically, emotionally and socially, is bringing good health to people in innovative ways, including a line of top-quality probiotic products that can quickly improve one's health and a fast-paced edutainment online TV show that brings the best healthy products and information to consumers everywhere.

The company's CEO and Founder Tamara Yapp, a mother of seven and wife, is the lively, relatable host of She created this company and this show to provide information on the newest and most effective ways to lead a healthy lifestyle. Much of the knowledge Yapp shares comes from her lengthy journey interviewing renowned doctors and health experts, and conducting research to help heal her son CJ, who was diagnosed with autism, crohn's disease and colitis. Over the years, Yapp discovered that she had accumulated vast knowledge about excellent products and little-known, natural remedies that people could use to live more healthfully. One of the most important discoveries Yapp made while trying to help her son regain his health is the importance of incorporating organic fermented probiotic foods into one's diet, which led her to create the Real Food. Real Life line of fermented (pre-digested) probiotic liquids and powders. Now, she is sharing both her TV show and her revolutionary products with the world.

"There's too much mystery without integrity in the marketing of health products, which leaves people feeling confused," says Yapp. "Marketing allows companies to take unhealthy products and position them as healthy, and I want to help clear up misconceptions." She filters through the marketing techniques and shares segments on that present unique and pioneering new products like the HARApad, STEMuLANCE skincare, and others, which will be available for purchase through the website. On the show, Yapp interviews top experts on a variety of topics, such as auto immune diseases, arthritis and headaches. She also shares information on anti-aging, how to make your home healthier and even healthier cocktail recipes.

Yapp encourages people to take realistic steps everyday toward leading a healthier lifestyle, starting with the food you consume and maintaining the PH balance in your body with positive thoughts. "Thinking right, eating right and living right are the three legs of the stool of health."

Here is a sampling of some of the tips Yapp shares:

  • "Drink 12 to 16 oz. of room temperature filtered water and ¼ cup of lemon first thing in the morning to cleanse and have an alkalizing effect on the body which helps you overcome disease and reach your desired body weight. You can also peel the yellow outer skin of an organic lemon (the white portion is rich in bioflavonoids which improves the appearance of your skin, lowers the risk of various diseases, and builds the immune system), dice , remove the seeds, add stevia and a cup of cold water and blend together in a blender;
  • To sleep more soundly use a simple light timer to set up your wireless router to power off when you are ready for bed: this will reduce the stimulating electromagnetic waves around you.
  • Reconnect with nature and earth yourself by walking bare foot at the park or beach. The electrons that you exchange with the earth will help you reduce chronic inflammation, decrease pain and help you sleep better."

Yapp worked with a manufacturer with over 30 years of experience producing probiotic products in Australia, where organic certification is more stringent than in the U.S., to create the Real Food. Real Life product line. All the products she created are fermented (pre-digested) probiotic enzyme rich liquids and powders. The fermented process called FermFlora is scientifically proven to convert ingredients into an amino acid level, which are the building blocks of good health. They also aid in digestion and absorption of vitamins and minerals, increase energy and helps produce enzymes that assist you in metabolizing your food more efficiently.

The liquid Pro-Belly-Otic comes in grapefruit, lime mint, and great grains can be consumed alone or with liquids. The powders, Pro-Daily-Otic, Pro-Amino-Otic and Pro-Soy-Tein, can be added to water or liquid of choice. For those who want increased alertness without the unbalanced effects of caffeine, the Green Rhino provides an alternative to the sugary, chemical-laden energy drinks that are currently available.

Green Rhino was used in the "9 0 Rhino" cocktail which is the world's first probiotic cocktail energy drink, that was concocted using Justin Timberlake's 901 Tequila at the Real Food. Real Life launch party, which took place recently at NXTM Studios. Guests sampled other healthy Real Food. Real Life probiotic drinks while enjoying a live performance by the Sean Patrick McGraw Band. The 9 0 Rhino cocktail is set to launch to the public this month at South by Southwest music festival. "Being healthy should be fun," says Yapp. "If you eat something bad, eat something good. Balance your life."

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