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December 04, 2013 08:00 ET

Real Intent Achieves 60-Percent Business Growth for Fiscal Year 2013; Outperforms Verification Industry at Large by More Than 10X

Expands Distribution Channel With Best-in-Class Verification Solutions, Actively Hires in All Departments, Takes Business Away from Entrenched Verification Companies

SUNNYVALE, CA--(Marketwired - December 04, 2013) - Real Intent, Inc. today announced it achieved 60-percent business growth for its fiscal year ending Oct. 31, 2013 -- significantly outpacing growth of the IC verification industry at large; it also reported that more than 35-percent of its sales came from new customers drawn from entrenched verification companies. In addition, Real Intent delivered new releases with expanded capability for all of its verification products. The company also broadened its distribution channels worldwide, and is actively hiring in all departments to keep up with demand for its Ascent™ and Meridian™ advanced verification software.  

Real Intent recorded the following business milestones during the past year:

  • Attracted many new customers including major semiconductor companies in storage, computing, networking, communications and consumer electronics industries.
  • Collaborated with DeFacto Technologies SA to integrate DeFacTo's SIGNOFF solution with Real Intent's clock domain crossing solution, Meridian CDC, resulting in a best-in-class EDA solution for SoC design teams worldwide.
  • Integrated Calypto's Catapult high-level synthesis tool and Real Intent's Ascent Lint product; this integration ensures that Catapult-generated RTL code is lint clean and error free for a safe, reliable implementation flow from RTL to GDSII layout.
  • Joined the Synopsys in-Sync™ program for two of its flows -- the Synopsys VCS® Verilog simulator tie-in to Real Intent's Ascent and Meridian products; and the Synopsys HDL Compiler™ tool flow tie-in to its Meridian products.
  • Added Grand Technology Inc. of Taiwan (GTI) as distribution partner for Taiwan.
  • Added TBS Technologies as a distribution partner for Israel.
  • Opened a Central U.S. Sales & Support office.
  • Introduced a bold contemporary "look and feel" for Real Intent's logo and Web site, and a new location for its Sunnyvale headquarters.

Among its many technology advances this past fiscal year, Real Intent introduced a new version of its Ascent X-design and verification system, Ascent XV. This product is the industry's leading tool for identifying X-sources and potential X-propagation issues early-on in Verilog RTL or netlist designs. It now includes reset-flop and retention-flop optimization to ensure complete initialization with minimal hardware and routing requirements, resulting in significant savings in both area and power.

According to Prakash Narain, president and CEO of Real Intent, "Technical innovation is vital for growing speed, capacity, and greater precision in digital verification. Real Intent is at the forefront, extending all three axes of performance. SoC design teams worldwide have proven that our Ascent and Meridian solutions solve challenging SoC design and verification problems, and accelerate sign-off before simulation and synthesis. We are pleased to give our customers a distinct advantage -- the ability to handle full-chip SoC designs in excess of 500 million gates with speed no other company can match. And there's no compromise in accuracy or performance. We very much appreciate the strong support our customers have shown for the value of our advanced verification software." In a fiscal year summary video interview, Prakash comments on Real Intent's accomplishments, SoC sign-off, and what to expect from the company in 2014. Please click here to access it: Real Intent Achieves 60% Business Growth for Fiscal Year 2013.

About Real Intent

Companies worldwide rely on Real Intent's EDA software to accelerate early functional verification and advanced sign-off of electronic designs. The company provides comprehensive CDC verification, advanced RTL analysis and sign-off solutions to eliminate complex failure modes of SoCs. Real Intent's products lead the market in performance, capacity, accuracy and completeness. Please visit for more information.

CDC: Clock Domain Crossing
EDA: Electronic Design Automation
QoR: Quality of Results
SoC: Systems-on-Chip
RTL: Register Transfer Level

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