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Sustainable Living Innovations launches Modular Student Housing Calculator

December 10, 2009 09:45 ET

Real-Time Calculator Details Campus Housing Costs: Online Estimator Shows How Modular Student Housing Cuts Building Time in Half With Quality Components That Last Over a Century

SEATTLE, WA--(Marketwire - December 10, 2009) - Say the words "Modular Student Housing" to some people outside of College and University Planning circles and what comes to mind is something flimsy and portable, a stopgap solution to overcrowded classrooms and bursting student populations.

But to a new coalition of architectural designers that are contemplating the future of adaptable, sustainable campus living for students and faculty, the pieces fit together differently. A new "better than modular," component-based vision fuses enduring quality standards, low-impact energy efficiency and built-to-last durability with materials such as steel, cement, glass and heavy timber instead of "stick" lumber. For the unique alliance known as Sustainable Living Innovations, the way to begin constructing the next generation of college living is by deconstructing its components parts.

But don't just take their word for it. In this era of interactive "apps" and online computing, the organization's lead architects say "Run the numbers." By visiting the Web site, school administrators and facilities planners can try out the Modular Housing Design and Construction Estimator online and get answers in real-time. Want to save months of construction time and thousands in capital? Yes, now there's an "App for that!"

Visit and enter the square footage of the venue, the number of students or faculty to be accommodated in modular studio, one and two bedroom units, parking provisions, location, and a select number of other variables and let your online computer calculate the bottom-line. Want to look at alternatives? You can continue to experiment, change the estimates and run the calculations again and again.

"We've created a modular campus housing planning tool for generating real answers now," said Arlan Collins of CollinsWoerman, who is a staunch industry advocate for "best practices" in component-based, modular building systems. His company provides insights on sustainable architectural solutions at the popular online forum known as Green Central,

SLI managing director, Jeff Taylor, sums it this way: "Any college or university can leverage the benefits of component-based growth either as a 'build to suit' project or through private development initiatives. It's all about results!" SLI's offices are reachable at 206-245-2024.

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