July 06, 2007 05:10 ET

Real-Time Monitoring Prevents Betting Fraud and Protects Customers

VIENNA, AUSTRIA--(Marketwire - July 6, 2007) - For some time MagnaBet, the online betting portal for horse races of the Magna Entertainment Corp., has been counting on SENACTIVE's "Predictive Fraud Detection System". All transactions are examined for conspicuous activities in order to prevent fraudulent intentions and ensure the highest possible level of security for the customers. Therewith SENACTIVE managed to position itself successfully in the gaming industry.

Real-time betting analysis prevents financial damages to players and betting providers
For betting providers like, it is a standard course of action to undertake that comprehensive safety precautions are in place in order to protect customers and the company itself against financial damages. With the SENACTIVE InTime™ Predictive Fraud Detection System, security is increased through the continuous and intelligent inspection of online activities. The real-time analysis already examines payment and betting activities for fraud patterns before any bets are placed. If such a case of suspicious behavior is identified, the system automatically triggers counter measures, thereby ensuring the highest possible level of security for customers and the betting provider.

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Easy integration, "visual fraud mining" and flexible adjustments
The interaction of SENACTIVE InTime™ with the existing IT-infrastructure of works optimally with the available interfaces. With the user-friendly graphic modelling interface, new fraud patterns can be defined without any programming. The time that is saved is used by the security analysts for analysis, evaluation and refinement of the safety precautions. This work is significantly simplified with the possibility to visually depict and discover fraud patterns with the SENACTIVE EventAnalyzer. The use of adaptive rules enables the automatic adjustment of the system and uses the newly gained knowledge to rapidly identify new threats and to react accordingly.

Security and player protection for the MagnaBet betting portal
"The protection of customers and, accordingly, the careful recognition and prevention of fraudulent activities has the highest priority for MagnaBet. Only a safe offer can instill the necessary confidence in customers in this sensitive industry," commented DI Rene Schneider, General Manager of MagnaBet. "With SENACTIVE InTime™, we can implement these safety precautions in a timely manner and, at the same time, minimize the costs for their continuous update."

Since 2000, the experts from SENACTIVE have been researching and developing solutions that enable companies to monitor and control their business in real time. SENACTIVE InTime, the innovative and patented software solution, makes it possible for companies to event-dependently monitor, simulate and control their organizational processes. Close customer contact and accelerated processing times give our customers a significant head start on their competition.

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