Global Renewable Fuels Alliance

Global Renewable Fuels Alliance

October 23, 2009 13:19 ET

REALITY CHECK: Journal Science Abandons Real Science for Science-Fiction

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Oct. 23, 2009) - Science has released a so-called 'report' titled 'Indirect Emissions from Biofuels: How Important?', which claims that massive deforestation will occur by 2100 in order for biofuels to completely replace petroleum products for transportation fuels. The report is riddled with absurd assumptions and flawed observations, leading to its ludicrous scenarios in the next century and disingenuous conclusions, it shows quite clearly that the publication Science has weakened their credibility by failing miserably in their objectivity. In short, this is science fiction, not science.

Here are the current facts on biofuels:

Fact: Recent studies by the International Energy Agency (IEA), United Nations (UN), individual academic scholars, and others, have shown that renewable fuels significantly reduce harmful GHGs as compared to fossil fuels.

Fact: Advanced biofuels are now beginning to be made from non-recyclable municipal solid waste (i.e. garbage), forestry and wood waste, algae, and agricultural residues.

Fact: Renewable fuels are creating a new clean energy supply, finally bringing choice and diversity in fuel for all drivers and consumers, breaking the oil monopoly, and helping to mitigate against continual price spikes at the pump.

Fact: Today, the biofuels sector is creating new, green, sustainable manufacturing jobs, around the world.

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