February 25, 2009 10:01 ET

Reality of Secure, Green, Online Testing Is Here With Webassessor

KRYTERION Webassessor™ Extends the Reach of High-Stakes Test Delivery Beyond Traditional Testing Centers Through the Application of Online Proctoring, Biometrics and Desktop Security

PALM SPRINGS, CA--(Marketwire - February 25, 2009) - Association of Test Publishers (, Innovations in Testing Annual Conference -- KRYTERION, Inc. announced today the availability of the latest version of its acclaimed Webassessor™ ( Online Secured Testing technology. Webassessor is an environmentally friendly, online test development, delivery, and management technology that provides a full range of test delivery options. This includes the ability to deliver tests securely, online, without the need for a proctor in the same room. KRYTERION designed this fully customizable solution to meet the needs of academic institutions, certification and licensure programs, as well as professional and trade associations.

"Webassessor represents a quantum leap for the test industry," commented Dr. David Foster, CEO and Chief Scientist for KRYTERION ( "Other industries like banking, telecommunications, and entertainment have all enjoyed the dramatic benefits brought on by the application of technologies to their businesses. Yet for some reason we -- clients and vendors alike -- have accepted the status quo and have been slow to embrace innovations in testing. All that is changing, and Webassessor is the catalyst."

The Webassessor Solution

Webassessor is a sophisticated test development, delivery, and data management tool. By integrating the functionality of several distinct applications into one, easy-to-use solution, Webassessor provides users with direct control over their tests and their test data with the convenience of 24/7 access -- wherever they have Internet access.

Through the continued commitment to improve the technology since its inception in 2002, KRYTERION has infused Webassessor with innovative biometric and security technologies at every level, providing users with the flexibility to deter and detect aberrant behaviors never before possible. Webassessor™ has thus emerged as a comprehensive online testing tool that users can configure to meet the rigorous needs of a variety of markets. With Webassessor, users can:

--  Create secure testing environments wherever the test taker lives,
    learns or works -- greatly expanding existing test delivery networks.
--  Deter and detect cheating through layers of flexible security options
    including digital proctoring algorithms, web cameras, biometrics, test
    session auditing, and surveillance by a certified online proctor.
--  Maintain direct control over online item authoring, test creation,
    test delivery and on demand reporting via a secure and convenient Internet
--  Configure Webassessor to reflect the objectives of their program or
    assessment. Customization allows users to extend their brand identity and
    messaging into unique Test Taker web pages. This customization tailors
    everything from data fields to reports, in order to meet specific program,
    assessment and test taker needs.

"Webassessor makes online test delivery secure," said Quinn Sutton, Vice President of Marketing for KRYTERION ( "Now organizations that deliver high-stakes tests do not have to choose between convenience and security. Once you catch the vision of what Webassessor can do, it will challenge your assumptions and ignite a brainstorm of new possibilities."


The uniqueness of KRYTERION's ( online secured testing solutions stem from the individual strengths of its founders. Caveon, the market leader in test security, brings leading edge test security technologies. Drake International, who founded Drake Prometric, the first computer-based testing company in the IT industry, adds a long history of test delivery and a legacy of testing innovations. Based in the Netherlands, Cito provides a wealth of online testing experience and a valuable global perspective.

KRYTERION is a privately held corporation with offices throughout North America and internationally. With years of experience in computer-based testing and related services from its founders, KRYTERION provides unequaled online-secured testing technologies via its acclaimed Webassessor™.

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