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ReallyMake Pottery App

November 23, 2015 06:30 ET

ReallyMake Pottery App Rides New Wave of Spinning Clay as a Successful Way for Stressed Out Workers to Relax, Get Creative and Escape to a World Making Art Work With a Smartphone

Need to buy a gift for someone special? Why not make them a flowerpot, decorative vase, coffee cup, plate, or bowl with your own personal stamp, style, shape, colors and patterns?

DETROIT, MI--(Marketwired - Nov 23, 2015) - Looking for a free pottery class? The ReallyMake Pottery App makes it very easy to learn without making a mess, buying pottery supplies or learning how to spin a pottery wheel. The pottery app is a great way to keep both kids and adults entertained on long holiday road, plane and train trips. It is very easy to download the free app from Google Play at:

Using the pottery app, anyone can make gifts for family, friends, and even participate in online Community Pottery Studios and Art galleries to sell their work. Need a team building exercise, corporate party idea or fun activity for birthday parties? Have a pottery-spinning contest with clay artwork prizes. Organizers can actually send the winning art work to a 3D printer and have them printed. Or want to turn the piece into a real clay, earthenware, stoneware or piece of ceramic art? Users can send their pieces to real potter and have them made to their exact specifications in a real pottery studio.

If the world of throwing clay is new, you can download the app and then participate in upcoming beginner, intermediate or expert classes to learn different pottery tips and tricks for producing cool new works of art. Each month the company also sends out an email newsletter containing lots of pottery news, contests, gallery showings as well as directories for pottery stores, suppliers, studios and galleries. To sign up for classes or receive newsletters, please visit

"One of the coolest features of this app is its 'Augmented Reality' feature, which is a type of computer vision that uses camera technology to recognize real world images, objects, and environments and superimposes recently created virtual information and data onto reality in real time," said Dr. Jay Harrison, L.H.D., ReallyMake's Chief Technology Officer. "To date, we have made it possible for people to create pottery art work and place it in various places around their home to see where it will look best, or maybe change colors and/or shapes to custom tailor the piece for its new home. This is the first time this type of augmented reality capability has ever been available on a mobile device."

"And in the future we will be using more augmented reality technology to dramatically improve a customer's user experience when using our app," Harrison continued. "Many real potters like to setup pottery studios with scenic views and play their favorite type of music while throwing clay on a spinning wheel. This allows them to slip into their own world and relax. Soon our pottery app will allow users to build a very similar virtual pottery studio experience complete with their own backgrounds scenes and preferred music selections. Download our free app for updates."

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