April 13, 2013 03:54 ET Researching the Latest Legal Poker Options aims to keep players informed of all the latest legislative changes and which states and poker sites have responded to these new possibilities. The online poker community is changing and intends to detail every step.

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While the recent changes which allow Nevada to sign agreements with fellow US states regarding the playing of online poker have been welcomed by the online poker community, there is still no clarification as to the benefits it will bring. The legislation is still at an early stage with other poker states and major online poker companies weighing up their options and considering what is right for them. The news that the Nevada Government now recognise online interstate gaming as legal is a bold and bright move for poker players but there is still a general feeling of what comes next?

The impact of US poker players being marginalised and prevented from using certain online poker rooms is not just an issue for people in America; it is an issue that affects poker players around the world. Players want to test themselves against the best players in the world and the more poker players that are on a network or room, the livelier a site will be. This means that there can be more games, more tournaments and an increased opportunity to win money. This is a major issue for the online poker community and while the initial beneficiaries will be US based poker players, players around the world will feel the benefit if more US poker players are able to participate.

This is where comes in and tries to make some sense of it all. With so many different parties involved and so many different permutations and possibilities opening up, it can become all too easy for an individual poker player to be overwhelmed by the latest developments. Carrying out an online search for the latest news will bring back a raft of results as every individual state mulls over its options. News articles stating the arguments for and against interstate online gambling can be interesting to read but they do little to provide up to date and relevant information to players about the current state of online poker.

This is why are launching a focus on the latest legal poker options that will present only the facts and major decisions about what is happening and what it means to the average poker player. Time spent reading about online poker is time spent not playing online poker and players should not find themselves bogged down in the comments and opinions that naturally come when a topic this heated and debated comes to the fore.

Any poker player looking to find the latest news and facts should be able to get everything they need in one place. provides a one-stop shop for all the latest poker legislation news, whether it is focused on Nevada or around the world. The main focus on online poker restrictions commonly falls on the United States but there are many other countries and territories around the world where players are restricted in their online poker options. As America becomes more welcoming to online poker, other countries may follow suit. aims to keep players up to date with all the latest legislation changes and reviews taking place around the world. Also read this recent press release at

Like many online communities, the online poker community is able to bring people from around the world together in a unified manner. At this current moment in times, there is a lot of legislation which prevents players from playing as freely as they would like but there are changes, updates and appeals changing the online poker landscape all the time. aims to ensure that players know what is happening in the industry, how it affects them and where the best places to play online poker real money games can be found.


With so many real money poker sites to choose from, there has never been a better time for online poker players. There has also never been a more confusing with the different options and poker promotions changing all the time. has vowed to maintain fresh reviews to ensure that poker players know the best promotions and best tournaments, whenever they decide to log on.

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