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DM Analytics

November 17, 2015 09:30 ET

Reasor's LLC Deploys DM Analytics Software

Flexible Solutions to Improve Control in Front and Back of Stores for Supermarket/C-Store Chain

PHOENIX, AZ--(Marketwired - Nov 17, 2015) - Reasor's LLC has acquired a comprehensive suite of retail-focused software and three pre-packaged data solutions from DM Analytics for use in its 19 full-service supermarkets in Oklahoma. The Tahlequah, Okla.-based company began implementation of the new software solutions in October 2015.

The cornerstone of the retail-focused software suite from the Phoenix-based firm is DMA's Retail Enterprise Edition, which encompasses multiple solutions for accessing, integrating, analyzing and leveraging data pertaining to inventory, sales, costs, pricing, labor scheduling and other critical back-office functions.

The first of these seven solutions, dmBuilder, comprises a toolkit for extracting, transforming and loading data into repositories, while dmManager allows end-users to execute process automation and scheduling functions. DataExchange functions as a data integration and web service, and Retail Foundation provides data models, tools and integration scripts for maintaining daily "views" of vendors, items, stores, prices, costs and adjustments at the corporate and store levels alike. Retail Portal bundles a web-based portal and tools (Web Admin, Web Reports, Web Screens), and Retail Data Mart features the data models, tools and scripts needed to build and maintain historical data marts. Finally, Retail Foundation for RDM is made up of data models, tools and scripts for maintaining historical "views" of vendors, items, stores, prices, costs and adjustments -- again at the store and corporate levels.

Other modules in the suite acquired by Reasor's include Batching, Invoice Reconciliation, Retail Store and Tag and Sign. The flexible, customizable Batching module enables retailers to manage their POS data and ensure timely synchronization with the POS system while simultaneously maintaining item and price integrity. It also yields the ability to create POS-specific files, generate tags and signs and seamlessly send item and price changes to the POS. Fully integrated with Retail Foundation as well as with DM Analytics' dmStore Receiving application, the Invoice Reconciliation module allows headquarters-level reconciliation of store invoices for cost, retail margin and CRV variances. The module, which among other advantages offers the ability to set default and vendor overrides for tolerance checking, leverages DMA's corporate portal and can be easily customized to support individual retailers' workflow.

Retail Store incorporates two components: dmStore, a web-based application designed to facilitate store-level ordering, receiving, inventory management and shelf-price audits on hand-held devices; and Store Portal, a Web-based portal and tools configured to extend dmStore's functionality. Such functionality ranges from ordering and inventory management to shelf price orders and the receipt of merchandise from vendors. With the Tag and Sign module, authorized users can design and maintain their own templates for all types and styles of tags and signs. Tags and signs are generated from a central location, ensuring the consistency of messages and prices from store-to-store.

Reasor's also purchased three pre-packaged data solutions: Flash Sales, Sales Movement and Cash Office. Each package includes scripts for creating data marts, along with data mart builder tasks. Task-list files for maintaining data marts and generating standard reports are included, as are web screens for launching reports or viewing data.

"Our management team anticipates reaping many quantifiable benefits as we begin to leverage DMA software solutions in our existing stores and future locations," said Reasor's VP & CTO Jarrod Welch. "Given the flexibility of its software offerings, DMA is an excellent technology partner choice for us."

"We are very excited and pleased to be working with Reasor's as the company implements our products across its portfolio of stores and begins to see the benefits of the technology," added DM Analytics CEO Frank Colbert. "We look forward to an ongoing relationship."

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