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SmartMetric, Inc.

June 22, 2011 10:17 ET

Recent Court Ruling on Patent Definitions in the SmartMetric vs Visa & MasterCard Patent Infringement Case Clearly Makes the Newly Issued EMV Contact Credit Cards in the United States Infringers of the SmartMetric Patent

BAY HARBOR, FL--(Marketwire - Jun 22, 2011) - SmartMetric, Inc. (OTCBB: SMME) President & CEO C. Hendrick announced today that the company will pursue its infringers of its Patent based on the recent court ruling on definitions handed down one month ago in the United States District Court.

Wells Fargo Bank, J P Morgan Chase Bank, US Bank and Silicon Valley Bank have all announced within the past months the issuance of EMV standard "contact" chip Banking Cards.

SmartMetric, Inc. alleges some of the largest Banks along with Visa are directly infringing the SmartMetric Patent that is already subject to Patent Infringement litigation against Visa and MasterCard.

Last month a ruling was handed down by U.S. District Judge Jacqueline H. Nguyen siding with SmartMetric, Inc. on the most important definitions in its Patent. One definition out of the seven that were in dispute between the defendants, Visa and MasterCard and SmartMetric, was dealing with the use of contactless chip cards.

SmartMetric has decided to appeal this one definition interpretation in order for it to move forward with its claims of infringement regarding contactless chip cards. However the President and CEO of SmartMetric, C. Hendrick, says the rulings of the court on the other disputed definitions leave no doubt that the newly issued "contact" chip cards by some of the biggest Banks in the United States clearly fall within the definitions of its Patent and the company will pursue all infringements by all parties including Visa and MasterCard.

American Banks have to adopt the "contact" EMV chip cards since many of the retail credit card machines and ATM machines in most parts of the World no longer accept magnetic strip Credit Cards. This has been admitted by Wells Fargo and Chase as the reason it is now being forced to issue EMV contact chip cards to its customers in the United State. SmartMetric will enforce its rights and will demand either a license fee or seek relief from the courts to stop these Banks and the major card labels, Visa & MasterCard from issuing these cards.

The courts recent ruling last month on key definitions in the SmartMetric Patent re-enforces what SmartMetric has said all along. The company has a valid Patent and it is being infringed. The company will force its rights in the courts against even the most powerful of infringers. The company President &CEO, C. Hendrick said, after all, this is the great thing about America. It has a court system that protects the small inventor or technology company against arrogance and hubris of large corporations who ignore the ownership rights of smaller persons or corporations. Hendrick further said the Courts have a duty and they regularly fulfill this duty of protecting the rights of the small against the abuse by the powerful.

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The SmartMetric, Biometric Card Computer provides powerful computing with large memory capacity in a revolutionary size that has taken more than 10 years of research and development. Using the latest in sub micro technology electronics, the company has achieved a level of miniaturization that allows it to release a solution of portable computing power that combined with SmartMetric's biometric fingerprint in-card scanning technology, is so revolutionary it will change the way business is done and information is handled across a broad range of industries. For further information please go to the company website:

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