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November 16, 2010 09:00 ET

Recent High Profile Mobile Security Blunders Cause Brands to Reconsider Their Mobile Strategies

Kony Solutions Outlines Security Measures Fortune 500's Need to Consider When Planning for 2011

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Recent security issues uncovered within mobile offerings, particularly those from global banks, have brought the issue of mobile security for sensitive, personal information to the forefront of mobile decision makers' minds. As mobile adoption continues at a breakneck pace and consumers become increasingly reliant on mobile devices to perform essential day-to-day activities, fulfilling the consumer market opportunity requires enhanced security. The security of a brand's mobile portfolio is a key consideration as they begin to develop their mobile strategies for 2011. With more than 12 million Americans actively using mobile banking services last year, according to financial-services research firm Celent, a security gaffe can cost a brand millions in revenue, as well as erode consumer trust and decrease mobile application adoption.

"The evolution of the mobile marketplace has created a 'mess of many.' Brands are now challenged with creating and maintaining robust mobile portfolios that cross all channels and devices, while ensuring the security of their users' information," explains John Stewart, vice president of technical services for Kony Solutions, Inc., the mobile application platform provider with Write Once, Run Everywhere technology.

"The security threats will only grow as consumers continue to use mobile devices for more transactional activities. With several global banks experiencing high-profile security flaws in their mobile applications, it's essential for companies to ensure their offerings are secure, properly developed and industry security standard compliant during the development phase. When brands rush or take short-cuts to get their mobile application on the market, we find there is a much higher likelihood of security breaches," Stewart continued.

Companies developing mobile strategy need to be aware that each application within their mobile portfolio has a different risk profile, related to the features and functions it leverages as well as the operating system and channel it is optimized for. Having this intelligence will help companies to determine the appropriate way to allocate security resources. In addition, regular auditing and reviews of a brand's mobile portfolio will help to identify any potential areas of concern early and ensure that customers' data remains safe and secure. These audits are best conducted by an outside vendor that specializes in mobile security, and should include vulnerability scanning, penetration testing and security code reviews.

One simple solution for brands to circumvent potential mobile security issues is to leverage a single code base for the development and maintenance of their mobile portfolio, rather than developing for each individual platform and channel. The massive amount of code generated with an individualized strategy is not only unwieldy and expensive to develop and maintain, it is also a high security risk. One of the most common security issues actually comes from flaws in code. According to leading Forrester analyst Chenxi Wang, Ph.D., there have been security issues within consumer applications as a result of improper coding.

"An application doesn't accidently do anything; it's coded that way. There is the potential that this could have been a side effect of the coding, but the issue could have been avoided if the code had been properly checked and verified," explained Dr. Wang. 

Utilizing a mobile application development platform that leverages a single code base enables ubiquitous deployment across all devices, operating systems and channels, while reducing the risk of code flaws that can lead to security blunders and application malfunctions without sacrificing functionality.

As consumers continue to adopt mobile technologies, brands need to consider the security of their mobile offering a top priority. Consulting a knowledgeable vendor that specializes in delivering secure mobile portfolios will help ensure that a malfunction or flaw doesn't cost your brand more than just ROI.

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