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January 12, 2007 16:08 ET

Recent Study Shows Favorable Results of Solagé® (mequinol 2%, tretinoin 0.01%) Topical Solution for the Treatment of Solar Lentigines in Dark Skin Types

Over 80% of Subjects Showed Significant Response to Treatment

PRINCETON, NJ -- (MARKET WIRE) -- January 12, 2007 -- Currently, Solagé® (mequinol 2%, tretinoin 0.01%) Topical Solution is the only combination product approved in the United States for the treatment of solar lentigines, commonly known as "age spots," that contains two active ingredients, mequinol and tretinoin. Solar lentigines are localized, pigmented, macular lesions of the skin on the areas of the body that have been chronically exposed to sunlight and are a common dermatologic condition that affects all skin types. Often referred to as "age," "sun" or "liver" spots, solar lentigines commonly appear as medium to dark brown spots in areas on the face, hands, forearms and chest of many people in middle age and older.

Until recently, most of the therapeutic research for treating solar lentigines has focused on Caucasian patient populations due to the epidemiological data on the disease. While there have been multiple studies demonstrating that the combination of mequinol 2%, tretinoin 0.01% provides clinically significant improvement in Caucasian patients, little research has been done to evaluate its efficacy in ethnic populations or in those with darker phototypes. Now, a recent Phase 4 study has demonstrated favorable results on the efficacy, safety and tolerability of the combination solution of Solagé Topical Solution for the treatment of solar lentigines in darker skin types.

In a poster describing the Phase 4 study, the findings on the safety and tolerability of Solagé Topical Solution in darker phototypes demonstrated a favorable benefit-to-risk ratio in the treatment of solar lentigines in African American, Asian and Latin/Hispanic subjects. Over 80% of treated subjects achieved a significant response to therapy for facial and arm lesions. Additionally, the majority of subjects maintained clinical benefit during a 4-week post treatment period. These results are consistent with efficacy findings previously reported for Caucasian individuals and provide new evidence supporting the use of Solagé Topical Solution specifically in ethnic and dark-skinned populations.

The combined solution of mequinol 2%, tretinoin 0.01% found in Solagé Topical Solution provides physicians and patients with an option for treating solar lentigines that does not contain hydroquinone. Solagé Topical Solution, marketed by Barrier Therapeutics, is available by prescription only.

About Solagé

Barrier Therapeutics currently markets Solagé® (mequinol 2%, tretinoin 0.01%) Topical Solution in the United States where it is indicated for the treatment of solar lentigines and markets the product in Canada where the indication also includes use for related hyperpigmented lesions. Currently, Solagé Topical Solution is the only combination product approved for the treatment of solar lentigines. More importantly, Solagé Topical Solution has been approved as a safe and effective treatment of solar lentigines as part of a comprehensive skin care and sun avoidance program. After numerous clinical trials, Solagé Topical Solution was deemed safe for use in humans.

For more information on Solagé, contact Michael Laferrera, Vice President of Marketing and Commercial Planning at Barrier Therapeutics, at (609) 945-1242 or visit the Solagé website at

Additional data from the Phase 4 study can be found in a poster entitled "Phase 4 Trial Findings On The Safety And Tolerability of Combination Solution of Mequinol 2%/Tretinoin 0.01% In Dark Skin Types," on Barrier Therapeutics' website at The URL for the specific web page containing the poster is:

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Barrier Therapeutics, Inc. is a pharmaceutical company focused on the development and commercialization of products in the field of dermatology. Barrier Therapeutics currently markets three pharmaceutical products in the United States: Xolegel™ (ketoconazole, USP) Gel, 2%, for seborrheic dermatitis; Vusion™ (0.25% miconazole nitrate, 15% zinc oxide, 81.35% white petrolatum) Ointment, for diaper dermatitis complicated by candidiasis; and Solagé® (mequinol 2.0%, tretinoin 0.01%) Topical Solution, for solar lentigines. Barrier Therapeutics has other product candidates in various stages of clinical development for the treatment of a range of dermatological conditions, including acne, psoriasis, onychomycosis and other fungal infections such as tinea versicolor. The company is headquartered in Princeton, New Jersey and has wholly owned subsidiaries in Geel, Belgium and Ontario, Canada. More information about Barrier Therapeutics can be found on its corporate website at:

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