May 16, 2013 08:00 ET

Recent Study Shows That Canadians Require More Education on Sun Protection

New Consumer Survey Indicates That One in Three Canadians Does Not See Tanning as a Risky Behaviour

TORONTO--(Marketwired - May 16, 2013) - Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in Canada -- so why does one in every four Canadian adults report not using sunscreen? Furthermore, why do one in every three Canadians not see tanning as a risky behaviour?

Although much education on sun protection is currently available to Canadians, a recent Ipsos Reid consumer survey commissioned by the AVEENO® and NEUTROGENA® Brands of Johnson & Johnson Inc. reveals some alarming statistics.

Toronto dermatologist Dr. Paul Cohen notes, "As shocking as these statistics seem, I'm not incredibly surprised. Every day I see patients in my office that are still tanning and not properly protecting themselves. Despite all of the advances made in sun protection education and in sunscreen technology, melanoma continues to be one of the more common but preventable cancers in Canada."

Key survey results include:

  • One in three Canadians does not see tanning as a risky behaviour
  • Over 60 percent (61%) of Canadians think they look healthier with a tan
  • Almost 50 percent of Canadians (48%) think it's important to get a base tan before a vacation in order to avoid sunburns
  • Over 50 percent of Canadians (54%) think that it is fine to tan as long as they do not burn
  • 69% of Canadians work under the impression that skin cancer is correctible if it is detected early enough
  • One in every four Canadians does not use sunscreen
  • Only one in every 10 Canadians has ever had a skin cancer screening from a dermatologist

"These survey findings will be extremely valuable in helping us to understand what sun safety messages we need to continue to focus on -- Canadians should understand the risks associated with sun exposure, in order to properly protect themselves. Many people don't realize that a sun tan is the skin's way of trying to protect itself from the sun's ultraviolet rays, which can harm it. Every tan is a sign of sun damage, and it's clear from these survey results that many consumers don't realize that burns are not the only sign of harm to their skin. This survey proves that more education is needed, and we, as a company, are hoping to help provide this knowledge to Canadians," says Ted Lachmansingh of Johnson & Johnson Inc.

"Choosing the right sunscreen is very important, and NEUTROGENA® and AVEENO® offer a wide variety of innovative broad-spectrum and photostable UVA / UVB protective products to suit various specific needs, so that there is a good match for each member of the family."

The sun care experts at Johnson & Johnson Inc. warn that no matter what the season, whether it's cloudy or sunny, or you're only outside for a short period of time, it is imperative to protect the skin from UVA and UVB rays that can lead to developing various kinds of skin cancer, including deadly melanoma.

About the survey
A new Ipsos Reid survey conducted between April 18th - 23rd, 2013. For this survey, a sample of 1067 Canadian adults, over the age of 18, from Ipsos' Canadian online panel was interviewed online.

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