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September 25, 2014 10:47 ET

Recession-Proof Your Retirement Years: Timely Book Helps Boomers Manage Looming Retirement Challenges

VENTURA, CA--(Marketwired - Sep 25, 2014) - Millions of older Americans have fear and anxiety about their retirement years as a result of recent volatility in the economy. To help with this challenge, Rest-of-Life Communications has released the fourth edition of Recession-Proof Your Retirement Years: Simple Retirement Planning Strategies That Work Through Thick or Thin.

"We've had four major meltdowns in the last 27 years. Most boomers will be in their retirement years for 20, 25 or even 30 years, so it's inevitable that more meltdowns are in our future. It's smart to learn what we can from the 2008-2009 financial crisis, so we can survive future upheavals. Most financial planning books focus on building wealth, but in your retirement years, the proper goal shifts to building a reliable income that covers your living expenses, no matter how long you live and no matter what happens in the economy," said Steve Vernon, author of Recession-Proof Your Retirement Years.

Recession-Proof Your Retirement Years provides older Americans with the critical information and strategies they'll need to successfully transition to retirement, including:

  • How much money they'll need to retire
  • How they'll manage their 401(k) balances so they don't outlive them
  • When they should start drawing Social Security benefits
  • How they can protect against large medical and long-term care expenses
  • How they can incorporate some work to make ends meet, and still live long, prosperous lives

"Looking for a retirement guidebook that gives sound advice with no axe to grind or sales to close? Look no further. Steve Vernon's Recession-Proof Your Retirement Years gives you an expert's background and knowledge in plain, simple-to-read English. Steve's positive, can-do approach is energizing. And who can resist his exercises and "Top-10" lists? This is a great starting point for anyone planning retirement, especially in these uncertain times."
- Andy Landis, author of Social Security: The Inside Story

The fourth edition of Recession-Proof Your Retirement Years updates and expands upon previous editions, and is now available on Amazon in both printed and ebook formats. This edition complements Vernon's recent book Money for Life: Turn Your IRA and 401(k) Into a Lifetime Retirement Paycheck.

About the Author
Steve Vernon, FSA, is president of Rest-of-Life Communications and a consulting actuary with more than 35 years of experience helping Fortune 500 companies design and manage their retirement programs. He is also a Research Scholar at the Stanford Center on Longevity, where he conducts research on retirement income solutions and behavioral finance. Rest-of-Life Communications is dedicated to providing unbiased, trusted retirement education, and does not sell investments, insurance or health products.

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