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June 19, 2013 08:00 ET

Recommind Launches Breakthrough Information Governance Suite

Predictive Coding Pioneer Transforms Information Governance With New Predictiv™ Governance Approach

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwired - Jun 19, 2013) - Recommind, a leader in unstructured data management, analysis and governance technology, has released the Recommind Information Governance Suite (IGS), the first integrated governance solution built from the ground up to manage and organize overwhelming amounts of unstructured data using powerful, court-approved machine-learning technology.

Unlike traditional governance solutions, IGS features Predictiv Governance, which combines machine-learning technology with human expertise to automate tasks such as data identification, retention, migration, management and deletion. By adding intelligence to the information governance process, IGS dramatically reduces the costs, regulatory risks and organizational strain of information overload.

Built on Recommind's patented CORE® platform, IGS consists of four tightly integrated modules for data management, early case assessment, collection and review and analysis:

  • Axcelerate Data Management: a new module that enables the proactive and automated management of information earlier in the information lifecycle and more accurately than ever before
  • Axcelerate ECA & Collection: enables enterprises to preserve, collect, process, cull and analyze ESI as part of internal, regulatory or eDiscovery investigations
  • Axcelerate Review & Analysis: Recommind's pioneering solution for document review, with industry-leading Predictive Coding capabilities
  • Axcelerate On-Demand: the full-featured hosted version of Axcelerate Review & Analysis.

With ESI increasing over the next five years at an estimated compound annual growth rate of 50%, the need for effective information governance has never been greater. Organizations are buried in information. Finding what they need, knowing what they have, and retaining what makes sense has become impossible without human-driven automation.

"Information overload is more than an annoyance; it's a chronic problem with serious financial consequences," said Vivian Tero, Program Director for Governance, Risk & Compliance at IDC. "The larger the organization the more overwhelming the problem. Highly automated machine learning-based solutions will play an important role helping enterprises move toward proactive information governance."

IGS uses the single unified index of the CORE platform to address the full spectrum of governance tasks, including data identification, policy-based remediation, migration, deletion and eDiscovery. By indexing information once in CORE, IT can proactively manage data and legal can reactively review it, all in one system using a completely defensible process.

Key benefits of Recommind's Information Governance Suite

Reduces regulatory risk
IGS ensures that organizations keep the right data -- and only the right data -- for legal, regulatory, and business purposes. By accurately and consistently classifying huge amounts of information, it enables organizations to comply with regulations while maintaining employee and customer data privacy.

Reduces eDiscovery risk
Finding, securing and moving data into a separate eDiscovery system introduces serious risks related to metadata changes, spoliation and chain of custody concerns. With IGS, organizations can quickly and accurately process and produce data on one integrated platform, without risky data handoffs.

Reduces volumes of unneeded data
To reduce storage and eDiscovery costs and comply with retention policies, organizations are looking for ways to identify and delete unneeded material from terabytes of unstructured information. IGS uses human-driven intelligent categorization to automate this process and make it fully defensible.

Helps migrate data
Many organizations are looking to migrate content from legacy IT systems, such as file servers and records management systems like SharePoint, to distributed infrastructures like Hadoop. Using 'train by example' and machine-learning techniques, IGS automates data classification so that organizations can move content from older systems to newer ones with unprecedented speed and accuracy, maximizing the veracity and usefulness of data.

Helps protect sensitive information, ensure privacy
Most information stored on enterprise file shares, email systems, SharePoint repositories, and employee workstations is unknown to the wider organization. IGS accurately finds, indexes, categorizes, and anonymizes all sensitive enterprise information so that proper access controls and security can be applied.

The US Department of Energy (DOE) has implemented Recommind's technology to address its information governance challenges. In the implementation, the technology actively crawls and indexes content and metadata from emails, tagging them by categories that match the EERE General Records Schedule. The software automatically categorizes new documents based on a training set using positive and negative sample documents. The training sets are augmented with rules based categorization to improve accuracy. The DOE anticipated an accuracy rate of 70%, but found the system to achieve a rate of 87% accuracy, a rate not achievable through manual categorization of records.

"We've reached an inflection point in the history of information," said Recommind CEO Bob Tennant. "Ninety percent of all data on the planet was created in the last two years, and the cost of managing and organizing it all is becoming unsustainable. Manual approaches to information governance are failing. Employees are wasting time and money searching for information and re-creating content they couldn't find. Legal staff can't respond quickly to litigation or regulatory demands. It is difficult for executives to get at the information they need to create value and make good business decisions. Organizations are desperate for better ways to find, index, understand and act on the huge amounts of data they generate every day."

"Recommind's Information Governance Suite gives them something they've never had before: a governance solution that is automated, integrated, intelligent and based on a single index. Many organizations aspire to proactive information governance, but until now, the technology hasn't been up to the challenge. Recommind's Information Governance Suite gives them what they need to make proactive information governance a reality."

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