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March 05, 2008 08:00 ET

Reconnex and BitArmor to Complete Data Loss Prevention Solution With Encryption

Integrating Reconnex's Open API and BitArmor's Data Protection and Management Features Provides Lifecycle DLP

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA--(Marketwire - March 5, 2008) - Reconnex, the leader in information monitoring and protection appliances, today announced a partnership agreement with BitArmor Systems, the leader in data control software that helps companies protect and manage data on an enterprise scale. The agreement leverages the Reconnex Open API and BitArmor's enterprise encryption capabilities to find and protect sensitive data anywhere on the network. The agreement will enable an enterprise-class solution that defines and enforces policies for the protection of sensitive information. The integrated solution will enable users to monitor adherence to policies at the edge of the network and on endpoints in a consistent and unified manner. Through its policy-based security features, BitArmor helps Reconnex safeguard data for the Microsoft Windows operating system throughout the organization, both while data is in flight and while it is stored.

"BitArmor DataControl and Reconnex's technologies complement each other amazingly well," said BitArmor CEO Patrick McGregor. "Our customers can combine BitArmor's encryption expertise, data tracking capabilities, and simple, central management with Reconnex's endpoint data monitoring to go beyond data leakage prevention. They will be able to protect their information more effectively than they can with any other solution on the market."

Under the terms of the agreement, BitArmor will integrate and support the Reconnex Open Endpoint API through its direct sales force and channel partners. Users will be able to set endpoint policies through the Reconnex DLP console and propagate them seamlessly to BitArmor's agent endpoints. The Reconnex iGuard system monitors data in use at the endpoint for security violations, which are reported -- along with data-in-motion violations in the network -- through the Reconnex console. BitArmor's intelligent endpoint agents enhance the data-at-rest capabilities of the Reconnex solution by enabling users to control sensitive data based on endpoint policies.

"The Reconnex inSight Centralized Management Console will be able to leverage BitArmor's enterprise endpoint lifecycle technology, addressing the highly distributed and mobile corporate environments commonly found today," said John K. Peters, CEO of Reconnex. "BitArmor's customers are offered a central management system that controls data-in-motion and data-at-rest scanning, while Reconnex customers receive a market-leading solution for protecting and managing data on an enterprise scale."

BitArmor DataControl software protects and manages data that may be stored anywhere in the organization, including laptop and desktop computers, servers, and point-of-sale (POS) terminals. The software also controls data on tapes, removable media such as USB drives, and FireWire devices such as digital cameras. DataControl layers persistent file encryption with full disk encryption to protect against a wide range of threat scenarios.

About BitArmor Systems

BitArmor develops DataControl, a powerful new software that provides a faster, easier, more cost-effective way to protect and manage sensitive data throughout any organization. Unlike traditional solutions that only deal with information at specific points in the system, BitArmor DataControl software attaches a Smart Tag™ directly to the data itself -- a tag that travels with the data and allows you to secure, track, and control it regardless of where it is stored or sent. BitArmor helps companies protect valuable data assets, achieve regulatory compliance, and manage data throughout its functional lifecycle.

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About Reconnex

Reconnex's award-winning data loss prevention appliances are designed for any organization -- including enterprises, government agencies, or educational institutions -- that wants to protect its brand, maintain compliance, or secure sensitive information. Reconnex delivers accurate protection against known data-loss threats and provides the only solution that automatically learns of and defends against new threats as they evolve. A privately held company based in Silicon Valley, Calif., Reconnex protects information for over one million users today.

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