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October 15, 2007 08:00 ET

Reconnex Releases Next-Generation DLP Solution That Learns What IP and Other Digital Assets Need Protection

Patent-Pending Content Analytics Engine Mines Captured Data to Create Policies

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA--(Marketwire - October 15, 2007) - Ushering in a new era in data loss prevention (DLP), Reconnex today announced breakthrough technology that -- for the first time -- enables enterprises to learn what intellectual property (IP) and other digital assets need protection and who within and outside the organization should have access to these assets. Version 7.0 of the Reconnex iGuard DLP appliance includes a patent-pending Content Analytics Engine that can quickly aggregate, synthesize, and analyze huge amounts of data in the iGuard Capture database and determine who should be allowed access to which sensitive data. DLP solutions have been effective at determining broken business processes based on known data like social security numbers (SSNs) and credit card numbers (CCNs); with Reconnex organizations can define business processes on their most sensitive and non-obvious information.

IT now has the data mining tools to correlate current and past risk events, detect risk trends, and identify threats beyond those that were pre-defined. In addition, a new GUI simplifies workflow and enables multiple stakeholders, such as the human resources and legal departments, to quickly develop effective policies against data risk and remediate any data loss incidents discovered.

Following are key features and benefits of Reconnex 7.0:

-- New applications automatically identify what information needs protection, to radically simplify and shorten data protection processes.

-- Advanced filtering and grouping capabilities automatically identify valid and invalid recipients of content, taking the guesswork out of policy creation.

-- Rule-tuning workflow enables closed-loop validation of policy and automatic policy updates.

-- High-performance investigative tools and reports support e-discovery and other corporate DLP mandates.

"Protecting obvious information like SSNs and CCNs is a given. Organizations need a solution that helps them to learn what non-obvious data needs protection," said Faizel Lakhani, vice president of marketing at Reconnex. "Enterprises create huge amounts of information, and it can take months for IT security to find out what all the sensitive information is and where it's stored. The task is further complicated by the web of partners that must have access to this data. Reconnex 7.0 enables organizations to quickly learn what sensitive data is and where it's going."

"As a medical center, MedStar generates large volumes of private and sensitive data. Reconnex 7.0 enables us to be more effective in protecting our information," said Ron Baklarz, chief information security officer, MedStar Health. "The Reconnex iGuard has given us full visibility into our data. It's so much easier and faster now to learn where data is and where it's going, which in turn makes it much quicker and easier to define and enforce appropriate policies for sharing of sensitive data. Our data is definitely more secure now."

Reconnex Quickly Finds Information with High Business Impact

The new release of the Reconnex iGuard enables enterprises to quickly find and create access policies for information with a high business impact and define business policies for sensitive data. Central to Reconnex 7.0 is a set of new applications built on top of Reconnex's iGuard Capture capability, which creates a high-performance indexed database for the content of data in motion and data at rest.

The new Content Analytics Engine within iGuard Capture enables organizations to automatically mine stored data and define associations. The Content Analytics Engine can synthesize aggregated transaction data, accurately identify where specific data is going, determine who is sending it, and summarize the commonalities among transactions. This capability is invaluable in large enterprises where hundreds of people may be involved in creating IP and thousands of people may touch IP and other business information, and data types run into the thousands -- digital data, pictures, protocols, and more. Armed with information from the Content Analytics Engine, business stakeholders can determine current business processes and define new policies based on partners and stakeholders that need access to critical information.

"Recent research by the Enterprise Strategy Group shows that 56 percent of organizations with more than 20,000 employees spend more than 80 hours per quarter on manual processes for identifying and classifying IP," said John Oltsik, senior analyst at Enterprise Strategy Group. "At the same time, these companies are continually creating new IP; sharing valuable information with trusted third parties such as manufacturers; and collaborating more with partners, suppliers, and customers; the combination of these factors causes enterprise risk profiles to grow significantly. Reconnex 7.0 changes the DLP landscape by moving beyond threat management to protecting the business, finally enabling organizations to take a proactive stance to data management."

Price and Availability

Reconnex 7.0 with the new Content Analytics Engine and GUI is available now. Prices range from $35,000. The Reconnex 7.0 is available to existing Reconnex customers as a free upgrade (with a standard maintenance contract).

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