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September 24, 2007 16:35 ET

Record $3.8 M in Gendicine® Orders in One Day Sells Out All Available Product; Promising Reported Results Drive Unprecedented Demand

HUBEI PROVINCE, CHINA--(Marketwire - September 24, 2007) - Benda Pharmaceutical, Inc. ("Benda" or the "Company") (OTCBB: BPMA), a China-based pharmaceutical company producing traditional Chinese and conventional medicines, as well as Gendicine®, the world's first commercialized gene therapy medicine for the treatment of cancer, announced today that results following clinical trials, presented at its national forum on "Gene Therapy for Tumors" on September 9, 2007, were met with such overwhelming enthusiasm that physicians present immediately placed orders for 16,000 vials, effectively buying out all available product in just one day; when realized, these sales are expected to total $3.8 million. By way of comparison, sales of Gendicine® through the entire first half of the year totaled $1.5 million.

"This is just the tip of the iceberg for Gendicine® in the long term," stated Benda Chairman and CEO Yiqing Wan. "The international medical community has eagerly awaited additional results on the efficacy of the drug, and these studies from 15 nationally renowned medical experts are more than promising -- as indicated by purchase orders totaling 16,000 vials. To provide some context, this one-day number is nearly double the 8,285 vials sold in all of 2006. As such, we believe that our forum on "Gene Therapy for Tumors" could eventually prove the tipping point for Gendicine®, SiBiono and publicly traded parent company Benda Pharmaceutical (OTCBB: BPMA)."

Prior to Benda's acquisition of SiBiono, the company suffered a net loss of $1.0 million in 2006. Following its acquisition of SiBiono, Benda dramatically enhanced the marketing and distribution of Gendicine® and anticipates that SiBiono will earn $5.0 million in net income in 2007 -- a 600% immediate improvement.

The Conference

Sponsored by the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences and the China Pharmaceutical Biotechnology Association, China's largest-ever annual medical biotechnology conference ran from September 7 - 10 in Qing Dao, Shandong Province. In conjunction with the national conference, Benda subsidiary SiBiono held a national forum discussing "Gene Therapy for Tumors" on September 9, 2007. Approximately 600 leading Chinese doctors attended SiBiono's forum, representing 26 different provinces and over 200 Tier I Chinese hospitals (Tier I hospitals offer the best medical services in China; there are currently 775 Tier I hospitals in China). Most of the attendees had previously attended SiBiono-hosted gene therapy training sessions held during the 5 months prior.

At the forum, 15 nationally renowned medical experts shared their experiences in the effective application of Gendicine® to maximize its treatment efficacy. Encouraged by the extraordinarily compelling clinical results (highlighted below) -- and now knowledgeable about Gendicine®'s applications as a result of previous training -- the 600 doctors present at SiBiono's forum placed orders through their hospitals, that once realized, are expected to total 16,000 Gendicine® vials and $3.8 million. Limited only by the supply available, this combined order sold out all existing Gendicine® stock. This seminal event marks SiBiono's emphatic grand entrance into China's $2.6 billion and the world's $28.2 billion anti-cancer drug market.

Doctors are not the only ones enthusiastic about Gendicine®'s promise: click here to watch a video that concludes with actual patient testimonials (beginning minute 9:40).

The 15 nationally renowned medical experts presented their findings 1 - 5 years following clinical Gendicine® trials and revealed some compelling statistics. Below are noteworthy excerpts from two prominent doctors' presentations:

Dr. Shanwen Zhang from Beijing Tumor Hospital revealed results 5 years following clinical trials on Gendicine®'s treatment of nasopharyngeal carcinoma (a cancer of the throat and mouth).

Control group: 27 patients with single radiotherapy

Observation group: 26 patients with combined treatment of Gendicine® and radiotherapy

Result: Observation group showed 95.6% effective control rate, 35.3% higher than control group's 60.3% control rate; Observation group showed 13.1% higher 5 year survival rate and 28.7% higher 5 year tumor free survival rate.

Dr. Yongsong Guan from Huaxi Hopstial, Sichuan Province revealed results 1 year following clinical trials on Gendicine®'s treatment of middle and late staged liver cancer.

Control group: 82 patients with single TACE treatment (a type kind of chemotherapy for liver cancer)

Observation group: 68 patients with combined treatment of Gendicine® and TACE

Result: Observation group showed 67.6% effective rate with tumor size visibly reduced or eliminated, 16.4% higher than control group's 51.2%; Observation group showed 43.3% one year survival rate, 19.3% higher than control group's 24.0%; Observation group also showed 61.8% increase in Karnofsky Performance Status (KPS) score relative to control group's 43.9%. KPS score is a standard way of measuring the ability of cancer patients to perform ordinary tasks.

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