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August 07, 2013 05:00 ET

Record High Rainfalls Costing Florida Homeowners Thousands Says 800-Plumbing

OCALA, FL--(Marketwired - Aug 7, 2013) - The month of July dumped record amounts of rain over large parts of Florida. While the rainfall has meant good news for lakes and aquifers, for homeowners, it could mean thousands of dollars in septic and drain-field repairs.

According to the Florida Climate Center, Gainesville experienced its wettest July on record with 16.65 inches of rain; the second wettest month ever and the wettest May-July on record at 27.47 inches of rainfall.

The excessive and prolonged rain can saturate the soil around septic tanks preventing them from draining properly. When this happens, the tanks can backup; causing waste matter to reenter the home through drains in the bathroom or kitchen.

Heavy rains can also cause the surrounding drain-field to be overwhelmed. This results in waste water rising to the surface and covering the ground with bacterial-laden fluid.

Septic tank shifting is another possibility during the rainy season. Yearly excess flooding can shift the tank over time -- causing it to break free from the pipes connecting it to the home -- creating the need for massive repairs.

These rain-fueled septic issues can cause more than drain-field or septic tank problems; they can also pose a health hazard. The waste water in septic tanks is extremely toxic. Any overflow can contaminate a family's entire backyard -- as well as run over into nearby lakes or streams -- while a reentry of waste water into the home can cost owners thousands of dollars in repairs and cleaning.

With rain in the area not letting up anytime soon, homeowners can protect themselves by having their septic tanks and drain-fields inspected by the experts at 800-Plumbing. The trusted professional plumbers at 800-Plumbing have been providing quality service to the Marion County hospitals for over five years. They offer septic tank pumping as well as drain field integrity checks to help fix small problems before they can become costly issues. The team at 800-Plumbing can make sure septic systems aren't being overwhelmed by the recent rain as well as provide residential and commercial cleaning services from hood cleaning to pressure washing.

With the Fla. rainy season lasting through mid-October, homeowners can't afford to wait; the next storm could be the straw that breaks their septic tank's back.

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