October 17, 2007 16:12 ET

Record Holiday Consumer Electronics Sales Expected to Drive Interest in Electronic Living Exposition

Expo Organizers Say CEA Research Reinforces Growth and Changes in the Industry

BOSTON, MA--(Marketwire - October 17, 2007) - Organizers of the Electronic Living Expo (ELX) expect the record consumer electronic sales projected by a leading industry group to spark interest in the upcoming consumer expo through online discussion and participation in the event by consumers. ELX is a first-of-its-kind expo that addresses the growing interest and rapid pace of technology innovations in consumer electronics.

Designed for consumers and driven by consumer input through social media networking, ELX will be a one-of-a-kind opportunity for consumers to look at and interact with new products and electronics that represent the next generation of technology. The event will take place just weeks after the holiday season and the nation's largest consumer electronics trade show, CES, the industry trade show for manufacturers, retailers and service providers to compare and discuss the latest electronics products and technologies.

Research findings released this week by the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) forecast that consumer electronics products dominate the holiday wish lists of adults and teens, and will generate $48.1 billion in fourth quarter sales. The results of the 14th Annual CE Holiday Purchase Patterns study were released at this week's CEA Industry Forum.

"As this research shows, consumer interest in electronics -- not only in the products themselves, but the integration of technology into our daily lives -- is increasing almost as rapidly as new technologies are hitting the marketplace," said Dave Garvin, ELX president. "ELX will not only help consumers make sense of all this, but give manufacturers and retailers an opportunity to interact with end users and do it in an environment that celebrates what many category offerings are designed to provide…fun."

More than 30,000 consumers are expected to attend the ELX event in Boston. Produced by Living Expositions Inc., the event will showcase and demonstrate cutting-edge products and technologies in home entertainment, gaming, personal computing, mobile communications and more offered by leading manufacturers, retailers and service providers. Attendees will also have access to product introductions and demonstrations, interactive activities, live and online entertainment, how-to workshops and expert presentations. The Boston event -- being held at the Bayside Expo Center -- is the first in a series of expositions around the country. Additional events for 2008 - 2009 are being planned in Seattle, Chicago, Miami and San Jose.

Garvin is available for interview this week. To arrange a meeting or call, please contact Bill Wrinn, 781-404-2417, or Barry Schneier at 508-393-7600.

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