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December 21, 2006 06:25 ET waddles online

CO.DURHAM, UNITED KINGDOM--(CCNMatthews - Dec. 21, 2006) - A politically incorrect website for fat blokes,, was launched today by aging, fat journalist Mike Newlands.

Despite its humorous nature, the site fills a major vacuum in the weight loss world by providing a women-free, hype-free, "expert"-free zone where men can discuss weight loss and weight-related issues.

Up to half of the men reading this are probably overweight, and half of them are very overweight.

Despite this, most of the diet clubs, products and services on the market are tailored to women.

So men tend to steer clear of them.

But Fat Club - The Online Home for Recovering Porkers, situated at, addresses a serious issue in a humorous and irreverent way that men can relate to.

"There are just as many fat men around as fat women, but nearly everything is geared up for women, even the diet clubs and websites which claim to be unisex. And let's face it, the average bloke really doesn't want to be sitting around in a church hall with 30 miserable fat birds discussing weight loss, or anything else for that matter," says Newlands.

He points out men like things to be direct and simple, which rules out complex diet plans involving weighing, measuring and referring to endless lists while adding up calories. Men also prefer a humorous environment in which to discuss personal issues like weight loss, he point out.

Newlands, a journalist who has lost more than five stone in the past year following 30 years of yo-yo dieting, says weight loss is basically a simple proposition that has been massively over complicated by a rapacious diet industry. "We take the bullshit out of the process by creating an online environment where fat blokes can have fun talking to other fat blokes in a hype-free, men-only setting while also being encouraged and helped to lose weight".

One of the main attractions of the site is a series of forums such as Prime Porker, Just Porky, Piglet, Doctor Hog, Sweaty Porker, The Pork Sword and The Trough are where medical, exercise, sex and food issues are discussed. There is also a weekly blog, initially written by Newlands although other guest writers will soon come on board.

Members each get an individual sty where they can post photos and their own details and chart weight loss. A Pearls Before Swine section gives simple, easy-to-follow advice while a Special Offers section has a variety of products and services of use to fat people.
The site ties in with a book entitled Half The Man I Used to Be and subtitled Diary of a Recovering Porker which will be published by Vision Paperbacks in January 2008. The book records Newlands own considerable weight loss, while panning the diet industry.

Journalists wanting a temporary username and password for the site please contact Mike Newlands on 01833 637808/ 07977448738 or at

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