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April 22, 2016 09:55 ET

RecoveryMax Provides New Solution for Muscle Soreness and Pain

Post-Workout Topical Products Now Available on

BOCA RATON, FL--(Marketwired - April 22, 2016) - RecoveryMax, a company that targets any age group that is physically active, is pleased to announce their Recovery Post-Workout Spray and Post-Workout Pain Relief Cream are now available on

"Being originally an Australian company, RecoveryMax is excited to expand our products further in the US market. We are passionate about fitness and getting the most out of every exercise routine. Our new post-workout cream and spray helps the individual to not only improve their current workout routine, but also to ensure results from their hard-work afterwards," said company's CEO Peter Spoto.

People who are avid about physical fitness enjoy RecoveryMax's products and mission because they are symmetrical. RecoveryMax's topical spray and cream aim to restore one's body after any physical activity. The products enable people to get the most out of their workouts in the moment, while improving results during recovery by increasing circulation.

After any workout, an individual's body becomes sore and fatigued. This is due to lactic acid build up. During a workout, people begin to breathe faster because their bodies are attempting to deliver additional oxygen to their working muscles. The body prefers to produce its energy through aerobic methods, like oxygen. However, when performing strenuous exercises, the body cannot compete with the required energy production necessary to avoid the process of lactic acid to begin. The body temporarily adjusts, and receives energy production through the substance called lactate in order to finish out the exercise. Lactic acid is inevitable for anyone working out, and is almost necessary to ensure a productive workout.

Although lactic acid may be inescapable after a workout, the soreness and pain do not have to be. RecoveryMax's products are made for anyone experiencing discomfort or aches. They consider anyone who engages in physical activity as an athlete, and believes people deserve a product to relieve their pain after working hard.

"RecoveryMax's products are for any age, shape and size. Anyone with muscle soreness or pain can find natural, fast and effective relief through our product. Our goal is to get physically active people back in the game quicker," said Spoto.

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