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February 17, 2009 08:30 ET

Recruiting in a Downturn: Pinstripe Chooses HarQen to Optimize Candidate Screening Process With VoiceScreener™

MILWAUKEE, WI--(Marketwire - February 17, 2009) - HarQen, a leading web-telephony company, today announced a strategic partnership with Pinstripe, Inc., a privately-held HR firm and one of the nation's top ten recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) providers, to provide a talent alignment optimization tool critical to identifying right-fit candidates early in the hiring process. HarQen's VoiceScreener™ allows HR professionals to use their phone, together with a web-based dashboard, to create and distribute custom, pre-recorded phone interviews. VoiceScreener can eliminate the need to coordinate first round interviews and helps to identify great candidates faster, more efficiently and more effectively.

"At a time when we are managing an unprecedented influx of candidates for every open requisition, VoiceScreener helps to ensure that we uncover the best possible candidates on behalf of our clients, screening them for the most appropriate role, and providing them with important information related to our client and their brand," said Susan Marks, CEO of Pinstripe, Inc. "The technology improves speed, accuracy, and quality. It's remarkable. All technology products make this claim, but very few actually deliver."

Pinstripe, a full-service talent acquisition and recruitment process outsourcing provider for blue chip brands, including AT&T, Johns Manville, Kodak, Imagine Nation Books, and others, has integrated HarQen's VoiceScreener into its recruitment process. Pinstripe recruiters are able to distribute custom VoiceScreener interviews to job applicants for open positions and integrate their responses into the screening process, significantly increasing productivity and candidate responsiveness during the initial screening phase. Responses can also be seamlessly shared with clients for their review, anytime, anywhere.

"In the last year, millions have lost their jobs and many of these people are highly skilled, valuable professionals looking to get back into the workforce," said Kelly Fitzsimmons, co-founder and CEO of HarQen. "Right now the opportunity to find great talent is extraordinary, but a flood of resumes can be overwhelming if you are not equipped to process them. Our partnership allows us to help Pinstripe with this process, while also tapping their extensive industry expertise and innovative philosophy to help us fine tune VoiceScreener and optimize the talent alignment process for all businesses."

The brand touch from the candidate perspective is also valuable. "Every year in our surveys, the number one complaint of candidates is the black void into which their resumes go," notes Peter Weddle, author of "Weddle's Directory of Employment-Related Internet Sites." "VoiceScreener allows recruiters and hiring managers to respond much more quickly to candidates."

Since VoiceScreener's limited beta release, HarQen has signed up more than 150 companies to trial the solution. VoiceScreener is a user-friendly process for both HR personnel and the candidates. Using a telephone and simple web interface, the hiring manager records a greeting and a series of interview questions. VoiceScreener then allows the hiring manager to invite an individual or a large group of candidates to interview through a link in a personalized email message or via an "Interview Now" button, which can be inserted into any online job posting. Candidates are directed to a web page and prompted to enter their phone number; VoiceScreener calls the candidate who will then respond to the pre-recorded interview questions via telephone, similar to leaving a voicemail. The hiring manager, through the online VoiceScreener account, can then listen to the responses at a convenient time and use the social-networking components to invite colleagues to review, rate and discuss candidates.

As businesses start to use VoiceScreener, they can quickly calculate ROI based on the amount of time saved by using the product. But the ability to look deeper into the ever-increasing pile of resumes can pay off even more in the long run as they are able to identify the exceptionally talented candidates faster than the competition.

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