Creations and Stuff by Me!

April 14, 2009 17:39 ET

Recycle, reuse, reclaimed chic furniture and more!

Reclaimed chic furniture, not only a style, but a neccessity! Benefits the environment and fits the economical times.

Attention: Assignment Editor, City Editor, Home/Garden Editor, Lifestyle Editor MONTREAL QC CANADA APRIL 14, 2009 MEDIA ADVISORY--(Marketwire - April 14, 2009) - Creations and Stuff by Me is a concept that started a few years back. More out of necessity, than a decorating style. Reclaimed chic furniture and chandeliers. Recycle, redesign, reuse and recreate.

The feeling of seeing something old become new again, with hard work, and sometimes just a lick and a polish, gives alot of satisfaction. Also, it's so sad to see old pieces of furniture being thrown out when they still have alot of life left in them.

Furniture has character, personality and some pieces have some quirkiness in it. There is the recycle, reuse, eco logical factor in all of this too. Helping the environment is an extra bonus. Maybe if someone purchases an reclaimed old table, it's one less piece in the landfill.

Located in Montreal QC, the atelier is filled with ideas, furniture waiting to be redone and restyled.

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