Encorp Pacific (Canada)

Encorp Pacific (Canada)

April 22, 2013 12:00 ET

Recycling Milk Containers Up 5%

BURNABY, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwired - April 22, 2013) - In 2012, Return-It ™ Depots throughout BC collected over 666,000 kg of milk containers, an increase of 32,000 kg over 2011. Expressed as a number of units, 666,000 kg works out to over 14 million individual containers. If you were to place that many containers side-by-side, they would reach from Vancouver to Prince George and back-a distance of over 1,500 km.

Encorp Pacific and the BC Dairy Council are thrilled that more and more people are choosing to bring their milk containers back to the Return-It ™ Depot. According to the most recent data from 2012, 89% of British Columbians are now aware of at least one type of milk container that can be recycled. This represents a tremendous success for the program, as more and more people become aware of the options for recycling milk containers. To help accommodate this increased awareness and the resulting positive change in recycling habits, the number of Return-It ™ Depots in BC accepting milk cartons has grown to 165.

Did you know that using recycled plastic uses less energy than producing plastic from new materials? Once they are turned into plastic pellets at the recycling facility, empty milk jugs are used to make not only new bottles, but also plastic buckets and pails, flower pots, and plastic lumber. Milk cartons, meanwhile, are made from a high-quality paper fibre which is broken down into pulp during the recycling process and then made into products like tissue paper and cardboard boxes. Every tonne of paper pulp recycled from cartons saves approximately 17 trees, and in the past five years that the Milk Carton Recycling Program has been in place, the amount of paper pulp recycled was 1,450 metric tonnes. That is roughly equivalent to 24,000 trees!

Recycling milk containers is a simple way to make a big difference. Instead of throwing away your empty containers, bring them to the Return-It ™ Depot along with your bottles and cans for recycling. Since you didn't pay a deposit when you purchased them, you won't get a refund when you bring them back-but you will enjoy the satisfaction of making a lasting contribution to the environment.

Encorp Pacific (Canada) is a federally incorporated not-for-profit stewardship corporation with beverage container management as its core business. Committed to developing and managing a consumer-friendly and cost-effective system to recover beverage containers from consumers and ensure that they are recycled and not incinerated or landfilled. They also provide their stewardship services on a contract basis to the Electronics Industry for the collection and recycling of regulated products, as well as the Dairy Industry to manage their voluntary milk recycling program.

To find a Return-It ™ Depot near you, call 1-800-330-9767 or visit www.return-it.ca/milk.

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