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July 08, 2009 07:00 ET

Red Bull Cliff Diving Series 2009: Third Stop in Dubrovnik/Croatia

Assault on the Pearl of the Adriatic Sea

SANTA MONICA, CA--(Marketwire - July 8, 2009) - The legendary city of Dubrovnik is by far the most important tourist spot and one of the most beautiful spots on the Adriatic coast. On July 11th not only thousands of visitors and tourists will pack the deep blue water and endless rocks around the cultural heritage, but also the 12 best cliff divers in the world will compete at the third stop of the Red Bull Cliff Diving Series 2009. On its assault on Fort St. Lawrence, the competition promises something unique; not only due to the magical scenery, but much more due to the fact that two of the athletes -- Orlando Duque and Andrey Ignatenko -- are sharing the lead as they reach Croatia.

With two stops completed, the Red Bull Cliff Diving Series 2009 could not be more thrilling -- with Andrey Ignatenko (Ukraine) and Orlando Duque (Colombia) tied in first place in the overall standings. Duque -- holding nine world titles -- is the most successful cliff diver of all time and is clearly on a winning streak after the series stop in Rotterdam. Also on his side is the fact that he was the winner of the last Cliff Diving competition held in Dubrovnik in 2000. In turn, Andrey Ignatenko, 45 years old, is the most experienced representative and has already shown that his current form is not merely a fluke. Following these two, a new generation of athletes are emerging, including Gary Hunt (UK) -- who at 25 years old is currently third overall and has already gained two third places in the first two competitions of the season. Is he ready for his first victory on the tour?

With its arrival in Croatia, the Red Bull Cliff Diving Series 2009 kicks off the summer on the right foot. The icy waters are now just a dim memory of the past and now the transparent blue which should not go below a pleasant 68°F is the landing spot to aim at. The scenery is magical and the competition enters a stage where the first real signs of the candidates for the title start to become clearer.

The majestic city of Dubrovnik provides by far the most beautiful post card picture of the Adriatic coast. As in La Rochelle, France, the platform here will be mounted on a fortress called Fort Lawrence. From 85 feet up, the 12 athletes selected to compete will be able to see the green island of Lokrum, where, according to a legend, King Richard the Lionheart sought refuge on his return from the third crusade to the Holy Land. In this quite magical atmosphere, the divers have less than 3 seconds to show their perfect form and movements before they hit the surface of the water at speeds more than 52 miles per hour!

This third stop of the Red Bull Cliff Diving Series 2009 will probably be the most exclusive with regard to its audience, as the spatial limitations of the city classified by UNESCO as World Heritage.


1.  Orlando Duque                  COL            36 points
1.  Andrey Ignatenko               UKR            36 points
3.  Gary Hunt                      GBR            26 points
4.  Artem Silchenko                RUS            20 points
5.  Slava Polyeshcuk               UKR            16 points
6.  Steve Black                    AUS            13 points
7.  Hassan Mouti                   FRA            10 points
7.  Eber Pava                      COL            10 points
9.  Cyrille Oumedjkane             FRA            9 points
9.  Michal Navratil                CZE            9 points
11. Kent de Mond                   USA            6 points
12. Alain Kohl                     LUX            3 points


July 11                  Dubrovnik           CRO
July 26                  Polignano a Mare    ITA
August 8                 Antalya             TUR
August 29                Hamburg             GER
September 5              Sisikon             SUI
September 20             Athens              GRE

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Red Bull Cliff Diving Series. The world's best divers, eight challenging competitions and 26 metres between takeoff, athletic perfection and dive. In its first year, famous and well-known diving spots as well as extraordinary natural and challenging urban venues have been selected. Having started on the 8th of May in France (La Rochelle), the series crossed the Netherlands (Rotterdam/June 20th) and will come to Croatia (Dubrovnik/July 11th), Italy (Polignano a Mare/July 26th), Turkey (Antalya/August 8th), Germany (Hamburg/August 29th) and Switzerland (Sisikon/September 5th) before reaching Greece (Athens) for the finals on the 20th of September. Red Bull Cliff Diving events are judged by five international jurors with scores awarded according to the degree of difficulty and execution of the dive.

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