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September 13, 2010 18:30 ET

Reduce Debt With the Help of Professional Debt Relief Services

Some Americans Are Unable to Keep Up With Their Credit Card Debt; Total Debt Relief Offers Insight to the Professional Debt Relief Industry and How They Have Been Helping Consumers Reduce Debt

MIAMI, FL--(Marketwire - September 13, 2010) -  Consumers struggling with massive credit card debt should know that options are available to them. There is a lot of information regarding debt relief tactics and the best methods of getting out of debt. The ultimate question is when should a consumer turn to the professionals for debt relief services?

There is no easy answer to this question. Everyone has a different situation. There are a few factors that go into determining whether debts can be reduced through disciplined spending and budgeting as opposed to paying a professional debt relief agent.

Income -- If a majority of the consumer's income is going towards paying down credit card debt, it might be time to seek out the help of a professional.

Employment -- If a consumer recently lost a job or took a pay decrease and is unable to make the minimum payments this could be a sing to seek the advice of professional.

Debt Collectors -- If various debt collection agencies are harassing the consumer for various debts owed depending on the frequency professional debt elimination might be necessary.

What Services are Available:

Debt Consolidation -- This debt relief service might fit best for consumers with a lot of various debts owed. Essentially one big loan is taken out to cover the various debts owed. This loan makes the payment process easier and in some cases the interest rates can be negotiated to benefit the consumer.

Bankruptcy -- The most popular form of debt relief, but perhaps the one with the most consequences, bankruptcy is the process of declaring oneself insolvent and unable to pay back creditors. A court must approve such a request and a lawyer is recommended for success.

Debt Settlement -- also known as debt negotiation is the process of debt elimination through negotiation. Debt settlement agents work with various creditors in attempts to lower overall debts owed. Up to 50% of the debt amount can be forgiven in a course of 24 to 36 months. The major drawback being a lower credit score.

Total Debt Relief offers consumers a free debt evaluation to find out which debt relief service might work for them at their company website:

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